Thursday, September 10, 2009

Girls Night Out Winners!

Since I've had a very strong shopping bug for the past few weeks, I'm so looking forward to Shecky's Girls Night Out. As WG2 mentioned, I purchased my favorite black clutch at GNO back in 2006. This year, I plan on purchasing a new wallet. I've been using the same one for two years. Time to splurge on a new one. And maybe some jewelery. And clothes. And...I should stop.

Enough of my shopping wish list. Last Thursday, we announced our first giveaway: Two tickets to Girls Night Out in Chicago for one winner and two tickets to Girls Night Out in New York for one winner.

I wont keep you waiting. Our winners:

Chrissy in New York!

CC in Chicago!

Ladies, please email me at to claim your prize! We picked our winners at random using (which I discovered is really fun to play with, am I weird?).


Life in the Cube said...

OMG! I had never heard of this but I just bought my tickets for the one in Houston. Great find. Love your guys blog.

trenddude said...

who is the winner?

emily said...

I had never even heard of Girls Night Out, but after reading about it on your blog I immediately went to the website and bought a ticket. I went last night and had an awesome time! Thank you so much for writing about it!