Friday, January 30, 2009

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes is a weekly feature. Here we will dish on tidbits, news, and important things we think you Working Girls should know. So scroll down to hear what we think you should glean from this work week.
  • Interns: Pay up! - Not only are parents paying for college, they are now paying for internships. According to the Wall Street Journal, a number of parents have resorted to internship placement programs and charity programs to help their college-aged children find internships. These programs cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. One charity received $12,000 in exchange for a one week internship at a music production company. It may sound like something for rich kids but many of the people quoted say that's not true.
  • The City 2 - Season one is barely underway and MTV has already renewed the series for a second season. Looks like we'll have a lot more Whitney to look forward to. Any by Whitney, I mean Duncan. (Editor's Note: this week's The City recap will be posted this weekend.)
  • Corporate Attire - WG2 and I cried ourselves to sleep when we noticed we were nominated for any Bloggies (just kidding!). But we did find some new blogs that we love! One of them is Corporette - "a fashion and lifestyle blog for overachieving chicks." In the few days I've been following these Working Girls, they've had some great workplace fashion finds and I love it!
  • You Deserve it! - Your job that is. Some women in the workplace think that someone else may deserve their job more than they do. For women who have a hard time promoting themselves, Shelly Banjo of the Wall Street Journal put together some useful advice.
  • Banker GF's - Think your life is tough in these economic times? At least your not dating a banker and lost your monthly shopping allowance. The girls of DABA (Dating a Banker Anonymous) have it tough these days and they've created quite the buzz in New York. While it's slightly annoying to hear them complain about having fewer Manolos, the recession is affecting everyone's lifestyle and it's interesting to see their perspective. 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hold the Phone

I am not a phone person.

I was the girl who when I babysat would call my mom and ask her to call Papa John's and order pizza for the kids. I was the sibling who ran away from the phone when it rang rather than run towards it. The first time I called my now boyfriend I tried to find a way to leave a voicemail without his cell phone ringing. (It didn't work.)

On my first day of my first internship my new boss told me I had to called 150 women and schedule make-overs for them. I was terrified. I sat in my cubicle and talked as quietly as I could but that's hard when you have a high-pitched phone voice like mine. My usual alto voice shoots right up to a high soprano when I'm on the phone with someone I don't know. I hate it but I don't know how to stop it.

That project and sitting in a very open office have helped me with my phone fear but that doesn't mean I enjoy the phone. Especially at the office.

I am an email person. An email, instant message, text-message person. When my guy boss says "WG1, call so-and-so about that promotion," I email so-and-so about that promotion. I'm all about the email. But he is more about the phone call. Sometimes I think his mentality is that a phone call will make whatever needs to happen, happen faster. In today's world, I think an email is more efficient.

It may be a difference is working generations or just a personal preference. Either way, I'm sticking to email.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did He Just Ask Me Out?

I make fun of WG1 a lot for being one of those girls who is just too nice. You know, the girl in the bar who will talk to a guy for an hour because she feels guilty saying she's not interested. However, I have to counter that with the fact that some nights she is the exact opposite of that girl. Oh, WG1, she is such a conundrum. Point being, I am not that girl. If I don't like you, I will tell you (at least when I've had one too many tequila shots). 

So color me surprised but I think I'm in that situation, but my particular sitch is minus the bar and tequila and set instead in the office. And I'm dumbfounded. 

Ok, well we're probably going to have to start at the beginning for this one. I started almost two months ago at my new job. I've made a small amount of friends since I've been here. Two I met while at the conference, one I met at training, and the third I met while he was hooking up my computer. Apparently, I have a knack for being friends with IT guys. And I mean, who doesn't want the IT hook-up? Being friends with peeps in IT has its perks. 

So one of the first people I met at my new job was Jay. He set up my computer and then helped me set up my new Yahoo messenger (something I'm still not used to - using IM at work is foreign to me). Since that first day, Jay has always come around my desk to check on me, but I had always just thought he was being friendly/nice to the new girl. Then he would just stop by to chat, which at the time was so nice. I didn't know anyone yet! He filled me in on gossip (which is my weakness) and we'd chat about frivolous things which helps during a hectic workday. 

Then two weeks ago, I found out that Jay had given his two week's notice (except he really gave a month's notice). The whole thing had been kinda kept under wraps, which I had thought was weird. But Jay said he was just moving down to Miami, and since our company also has an office there he will still be with the company just in a different capacity. I was bummed, but definitely not so upset that it fazed me in any which way. 

So yesterday, I stayed late at work to finish up tallying the evaluation forms from the conference in Atlanta. Jay had also stayed late to finish up some things and the following conversation occurred over IM (which still boggles my mind that corporations use as a form of communication). 

Jay: U still here?
WG2: Yep, had to stay late tonight. 
Jay: your Internet working? 
WG2: Yea, I think so...why has it not been working today? 
Jay: it's're on right now...
Jay: I just wanted to make sure it wasn't slow at all today so I can reboot the server
WG2: obviously have had a long day haha
Jay: Haha, that's ok
Jay: that's why I like you
Jay: Do u drink? 
WG2: yep
Jay: before I leave, we should go grab a drink sometime and talk

(Please note, I didn't know how to respond so I just didn't respond like any mature adult would do in this situation). 

Jay: But only if you want pressure :) 
WG2: haha, no, yea, sure

Ok, so this convo I just sputtered out above is not verbatim. I know I missed some parts of our convo, but these were the points that stuck out to me. 

Maybe I'm crazy, but last night I was pretty sure that Jay was hitting on me. I know I could just be imagining things, reading into stuff that isn't significant. But I'm pretty sure I'm stepping into unknown territory with this. 

I am in no way attracted to Jay at all. He is a nice, solid guy. Someone that would have been great to have as an office buddy and I'm totally sad that he's leaving. But would I want to grab a drink with him before he leaves for Miami? No, probably not. You're moving to a different state...that requires a plane ride to visit on a moment's notice. Odds are that we're not gonna start dating. I guess I don't understand why he'd even bother asking me out, which is why I'm questioning the fact of did he/didn't he just ask me out. So am I exaggerating this situation here? Am I making this up out of thin air? 

And please, please readers tell me what to do. Because I'm at a loss for words. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Now, I'm Legit.

It used to be that after meetings when it was time for the business card exchange, I would lie and say that I just ran out of my business cards and my new cards were on the way. And during interviews for interns, I would do the same thing. When I was traveling and someone asked for my card, I used a different excuse: I forgot them.

The truth is that assistants and coordinators aren't supposed to get business card.

And what was I supposed to these people? "Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Important Businessman, I'm not important enough to be given business cards" or "I'll write my info down on this paper for you, Ms. Potential Intern." I definitely don't want my interns thinking I'm not important.

Shortly before the new year, I built up the courage to ask my boss if I could have business cards. I walked into her office with my serious Working Girl face and said I had a few things to talk to her about. The first was that I wanted to work on a specific project (which is not TBD because the project may or may be happening) the second and third that were that I wanted business cards and a Blackberry.

Today, I got the business cards. When I asked for them my boss said "Just order them. You should have them." Now, I feel so legit. They are cute and colorful with my name on them and I love them. It's amazing that a little card can make me a little bit more important. Now, instead of running as fast and my heels can take me out of the conference room, I'll trade business cards with the rest of 'em. 

...I'm still waiting on the Blackberry.

(not what my business cards look like, just a fun example I found here)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

All offices have their own quirks. 

I've worked in four offices (well five if you count that one internship where I worked in my pj's from my bed) in my short work life and all of them have had their oddities. 

I once worked out of my employer's apartment since it was a start-up company and she couldn't afford an office - the kitchen table was my desk and her dog was my foot warmer. The office I worked in last had a theme to it (not one that I can reveal because it would reveal my former company). And my newest office is pretty bland compared to the lavish NYC offices I've seen in the past. 

But as bland as it is, I like it because I have more room than I'm used to. More space to move around, more space to store files, more space to hang pictures of vineyards and beaches and more places of where I wished I was instead of stuck behind a cubicle. 

My walk down memory lane was brought on by an article I read in Gawker today, about how Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is pretty anal about how they let their employees set up their desks. So much so that they have an "approved office supplies" list. Does that mean I can't bring my pack of Disney princess pens and multi-colored Gelli Roll pens? Just kidding, I left those in my high school locker. The Martha Stewart employees are also kept white, stark, and they are told to keep their office spaces devoid of personal photos. 

All of this reminded me of an office space I worked in once. Where the walls were white, the dividers see-through and all supplies (bought by yours truly) black. This meant no blue pens, no yellow legal pads, and definitely no multi-colored Sharpies. 

And since I was only a little bitty intern, it didn't really bother me that I couldn't have personal pictures of my family and friends up on my desk but it did bother some of the other employees. I remember when a newbie had started and she had put up pictures of her and her Jersey Shore girls on the wall by her desk. The next day we had all come to work and her pictures had been taken down and an e-mail was circulated stating that we were to keep the walls clean and pristine with no clutter. 

Now that I have my own desk at a company, I have pictures up of my friends that I left behind in New York and my girlfriends from Chicago and of course the pre-requisite picture of me and my family. And while I still don't think I would freak out if I was told to take my personal mementos home, I do think they make my work space just a little bit cheerier. They remind me that there is life beyond my Outlook. 

And someday, when I'm rich and own my own company (hey, a girl can dream can't she?), I'm thinking that my office will look something like this: 

Because who wouldn't want a professional office space that was originally designed for a teenager (image stolen from PB Teen)?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Calling All NYC Working Girls!

I need a haircut in a MAJOR way. I haven't had a haircut since July and it's approximately 18 inches long at it's longest point. I know, I'm turing in "Horse Girl" from grade school.

Anyway, by the time I finally found a place I loved in Hoboken, I moved. And while I could go to Hoboken for a haircut, It's just so far away.

So, NYC Working Girls where in this great big city can I get a good haircut for a decent price? I don't need anything fancy. Few inches off, a few layers and my bangs (if I can still call them that) trimmed.

-Working Girl One

Friday, January 23, 2009

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes is a weekly feature. Here we will dish on tidbits, news, and important things we think you Working Girls should know. So scroll down to hear what we think you should glean from this work week.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with Target and to make it even worse, Target has officially announced that the Alexander McQueen for Target line will be coming out March 1st. I fully intend to sleep outside the night before so I can snag some of this hot new line. 
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, women only make up less than 20% of today's executive MBA enrollment (and at some programs that number can be less than 5%). Schools across the country are now trying to combat these numbers by being more attractive to females. Cornell has gone to great lengths to bring more women into the program by changing the face of their advertisements to women, creating personal networks to lure women, and change classroom-time requirements. Cornell, here I come!

  • Having a hard time finding a job in this economy? The New York Post suggests turning to that job that got you movie money in junior high, clothes money in high school and got you beer money in college. Yep, turn back to baby-sitting. Or as the wealthy call it - become a nanny. Apparently the cream of the crop nannies can make up to a whopping $1,500 a week. Which almost makes me want to quit my job.
  • I just happened upon this commercial for Australian vacations and I'm not gonna lie, it kinda disturbed me. The whole premise of the ad is that this working woman has lost herself and her relationship because she is an executive of a company (which of course can happen). But am I living in a dream world when I say I hope that we can have it all? Job, relationship and a life. Ok, I agree. We all need a vacation every once and while, but I think this message came on a little too strong. As in, women can't handle it all. The ad reads: "She arrived as Ms. K Mathieson, Executive VP of Sales. She departed as Kate." Oh, and the little girl/boy (I can't tell), kinda creeped me out. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The City: Boys Night Out

Here's our weekly The City recap. A little late due to the inauguration and last night's premiere of LOST. 

This episode is title "Boys Night Out." Something tells me that there isn't going to be much work going on here. 

In this episode we get to know Allie. I guess she's a model and is getting kind of naked for a Diesel shoot. She's worried that while she's away, Adam will play. 

Olivia and Nevan are looking for artwork because Olivia could not make it the Christie's auction. Poor Olivia. While shopping, Nevan explains to Olivia that he needs to find a nine to five job. It sounds like his daddy was taking care of him for a while and then cut him off. But, if he gets a job, he might get his rent paid for again? 
"As long as is doesn't involve me boozing six nights a week at some watering hole in the east village, he's happy." - Nevan. Just what every parent wants for their child.

The boys [Jay and Adam] go out. And I'm bored. Dear MTV, the audience for The City does not want to girls dancing on poles. Love, Working Girl. 

Jay seems seriously annoying when he's drunk. Total chatty Cathy. 

Another breakfast for Whitney and Erin. This time Whitney's friend Samantha from Bergdorf's joins them. Based on what they are wearing, I think it's a Saturday or Sunday. Some girl named Cat made out Adam. Didn't see that coming. 

Okay, Jay and Whitney are a little bit cute sitting in Madison Square Park.

Jay confronts Adam about the alleged make-out. Adam decided to tell Allie. He does, and spins the story.

Nevan is staying with Olivia. Apparently he's homeless.

"Try to find a job, please." - Olivia to Nevan.
"Not gonna happen." - Nevan to Olivia

The girls, including Samantha, have lunch with Allie and talk about Adam. Typical girl "We're just looking out for you"convo. Allie looks upset. 

Allie and Adam fight. I don't like watching other couples fight. It's just weird and they sound annoying but then i think "do I sound that annoying when I fight with my boyfriend?"

And that's the end. Lame episode.

Best quote:

"Who has drinks at two in the afternoon on a Friday?" -Nevan

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Work Day

Yesterday, America's 44th President, Barack Obama, was inaugurated. 

(Or 43rd, depending on how you look at it. Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms, making him the 22nd and 24th president. There's your brief American history lesson of the day.)

Last week, my boss, a self-proclaimed "Momma for Obama" told us she'd be parked in the conference room for the day, watching coverage of the inauguration. I wondered if our strict publisher would allow this. I figured she wouldn't and that myself and my coworkers would be sneaking on to to watch. 

By 9:30AM my boss was in her position in the conference room. Only an hour later, nearly my entire office was there watching. Some of us working on laptops and others just watching. I've never paid much attention to politics and never watched an inauguration. So, I don't know for sure if this is normal or not. Something tells me it isn't.

We sat in the conference room until about 1pm. Something that normally wouldn't fly around this office. But it did yesterday. Regardless of your politics or who you voted for, it's hard to deny that history was being made. It was nice that my office could take a long break to witness such an historical event. 

Obama Inauguration Pictures, Images and Photos
                [Image via PhotoBucket]

Sidenote, how freaking cute are the Obama girls?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

By George, I Think She's Got It

I have been at my new job in Chicago for over a month now (almost two months, which is so weird to say because the time literally flew by).

I'm not gonna lie, this whole new job thing was a huge adjustment. Despite the fact that I grew up in Illinois, moving back and adjusting to the new(ish) lifestyle here has been hard. I still don't have a clue where I'm going...ever (north, south, east, west, WHAT?!). The L confuses me to no end, and I make a silent prayer every night that I will wake up and the straight lines of the NYC subway will have replaced those loops and turns. And sometimes, I even miss hearing the incessant police car sirens (I can't believe I just said that).

And adjusting to a new company is difficult. You have to learn the lingo and jargon. You have to memorize names and complicated webs of who manages who. And worst of all, you have to make all new friends.

Friends. Ugh. I forgot how much work is involved in this task. I mean, at my old job, I think it took me a good 6 months to make actual work friends. And while it did take me a while, I did manage to finagle myself a great core group. We ate lunch together almost everyday (except during Biggest Loser at work when I practically starved myself so I could win a spa trip...which I didn't end up winning womp womp). We would whine and complain about work. We would share useless information with each other throughout the day (and inapporiate work humor of course).

I still miss my old work friends every day. Especially since I've been eating alone at my desk everyday since I started this job back in December. But I knew I had to muddle through and make some new friends.

And by George, I think I did it.

Last week, while at the event I put on in Atlanta, I had to spend a considerable amount of time sitting at a registration desk. Mainly the desk was open for anyone who had a question during the event (you know - room issues, food issues, lost alarm clock issues), but the desk was only open during breaks so during the "off" time when I wasn't running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I got to spend some time hanging out with my co-workers who were also working the event. I also got to try out Wii Fit, which told me that I am off balance and that I need to go the gym. Tell me something I don't know Wii Fit! 

I met two people who I really hit it off with - and they share my love for cheesy reality TV (like The Bachelor). That's when you know it's true friendship by the way, when they love the same TV as you. 

And while I still haven't sat down and had lunch with either of the girls I met at the event, I do know that I'm on my way to having real work friends again.

I also learned of a clique within our company. A new friend and I have nicknamed them the High School Musical clique since they are all relatively young and of course they also love to break out into song intermittently throughout the day so the nickname was obvious. They love to eat lunch together in our little cafeteria (if you can call it that) and go to meetings in a foursome pod. 

So far I've gotten along with a majority of the HSMusical clique, but I think for now I'm going to stick with establishing my new friendships with my reality TV bff's. Because if you can't form a solid relationship around your shared love of Rock of Love Bus then what can you form a relationship around? 

*Sidenote: Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the 20sb awards! Working Girl is the new "Best Career/Occupation Blog" of the 20sb! We are thrilled to say we are among the winners, because some of our serious blog crushes are on that list of winners (you know - the kind of blogs you are scared to comment on because they are like the cool, popular senior girl in high school that you worship from afar). So thank you readers!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes is a weekly feature. Here we will dish on tidbits, news, and important things we think you Working Girls should know. So scroll down to hear what we think you should glean from this work week.
  • Now that ELLE and the CW's Stylista is over we need a new women's magazine reality TV show. Marie Claire and StyleNetwork are giving us just that this spring. Scheduled to air for eight weeks, "Running in Heels" will debut on March 1st and follow three interns as they work with the Marie Claire writers and editors. Think Stylista meets The City.

Would you wear a skimpy outfit to work if you thought it'd help you get a promotion? According to the UK's Daily Mail, 27% of women would. Some other fun facts: 54% of the women polled believe dressing up helped them preform better at work; 63% have experienced wardrobe malfunctions; and 14% split their pants at the office.  The poll also named marketing and advertising profession as the most competitive for fashion rivalry. 

  • Women have some a long way in the work place but it looks like we are still giving one another a hard time at the office. Earlier this week in the New York Times, leadership coach Peggy Klaus discusses female bullies in the work place. She says that while woman will help one another some have the mentality that they shouldn't help someone that could replace them.

Delurkers Unite!

This is what happens when you go away to Atlanta for a week - you come back home with your Google Reader overflowing (280 posts!?!? really guys?!?!) and realize that it's Delurking Day/Week. And we at Working Girl practically missed it all.

I have confessed many a time that I am a huge lurker. I'm not a good commentor (one of my New Year's resolutions!), so this is the perfect week for me to start. And it's the perfect time for you to start too!

WG1 and I read our Google Analytics. We know there are a lot of you out there lurking and we'd love to meet you! So leave us a comment or e-mail us.

You know you want to!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a Working Girl Wants

I'm over winter. So totally and completely over winter. It's cold out. And it's windy and it's snowing. My skin is dry. And my shampoo, which sits on the windowsill of the window in the shower, froze today. I'm over winter.

The window displays at The Gap are now screaming "SPRING" at me as I walk by everyday. I was planning on doing some serious winter sale shopping with my Christmas money but then I needed a root canal and that is costing me. So, instead of added some much needed pieces to my winter wardrobe, I'm day dreaming of a new spring one. Here are just a few things I'm looking at to get me in the spring mood!

Polka-dot dress - Anthropologie

Brown Sandals - Steve Madden at Piperlime

Red raincoat - Old Navy

White Jeans - AG at Shopbop

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The City: Lock it Down

At DVF there is a big party coming up and Olivia is working on the guest list of editors and "socials." Socials are socialites. Which, I think, has got to be slightly awkward for Olivia. She has to work the event her friends are invited to. She may as well be serving the champagne. "It's just like...abbreviation." - Olivia on the word socials.

We spot DVF herself for the first time on The City. How cute that she played with Whitney's hair for a second.? "No, I don't." - DVF when Whitney says she looks pretty.

Whitney felt that her meeting with DVF went well. "I'm so happy for you." - Olivia. That is false.

Tell me that Erin and Whitney are having a pre-work breakfast chat again! I can't even focus on what they are saying. I'm trying to figure out if that's a sandwich Erin put in her mouth of if it is toast. Basic gist of the conversation: Jay doesn't want to commit to Whitney.

I wish my office looked the DVF office. The big party is the Wonder Woman party. Whitney has been given the task of windows. Olivia has been told to help her. She doesn't look happy. Surprised? Me neither.

I love Duncan. He made Erin's bed. And he did a good job. If only my boyfriend would do that. Duncan is thinking about moving to the city and explains to Erin that he'd need to sleep on her couch until he found a place. "And, by couch, I mean bed" - Duncan. He's seriously great.

At the Wonder Woman party, Whitney meets Chris. The kind of cute guy who works in the finance department of DVF. He asks her to lunch in front of their co-workers.

While Whitney is at lunch with Chris, Jay calls. Dun dun dun. I feel awkward watching Whitney and Chris. Ok, what was that hug when they got back to the office? So awkward. "I'll see you down the hallway." - Whitney to Chris after the awkward hug.

At dinner, Whitney tells Jay that she went to lunch with a co-worker named Chris. He gets jealous. And he should really calm down because if he knew how awkward the lunch was he wouldn't be worried.

When gabbing with Whitney about boys and dating, Erin uses the term "riding the wave," which I love. Two points for Erin. But she's still no Whitney circa The Hills.

Jay meets Adam at his place of work, Il Bastardo (yum!), to discuss the Whitney situation. Jay decides he needs to "lock it down." I think that's Australian for "make her my girlfriend."

So, Jay goes to Whitney's apartment and tells her he wants her to by his girlfriend. I couldn't really watch because it was weird to watch them make-out.

Monday, January 12, 2009

VIP Status

I have arrived in Atlanta for my company's big event. And since I've been awake for what seems like over 24 hours, I am a teeny bit delirious. So bear with me.

As I write this post, I am sitting in the Executive VIP lounge on the Executive floor of the hotel. AH! I feel as though I have arrived just because I have a hotel key that is gold, sparkly, and says VIP. Ok, that's false. But I do feel pretty cool. I have been granted VIP status. It's official. I have come up in the working world.

When I checked into my hotel yesterday, I was informed by the front desk that I had been upgraded since I was the main on-site contact for the event. I was floored. Mainly because there are so many other people I feel like should be upgraded before me, you know? I'm a lowly coordinator.

But this means I have access to a free computer, a free printer (not that I've used it), and this pretty Executive lounge with comfy couches and a really awesome view of...nothing. Otherwise, there is nothing really special about my VIP status. But I do feel pretty important, which in turn has made me more confident, which I think in turn has made me a better worker.

Is it weird that a gold sparkly key has made me more productive?

More updates to come on Wednesday when the conference ends!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

20-Something Bloggers Love Us! They Really Love Us!

I am very behind in my blogging life - I should have posted meeting notes yesterday but instead I was gallivanting around Irish pubs in Chicago with two of my former study abroad roommates. Yes, you guessed it - we went to Ireland. Anyway, while it was fun taking Baby Guinness shots, almost getting into a fist fight, and ending the night with a #3 meal and a heart-to-heart at Rock 'N Roll McDonald's, I should have probably been at home working on my uncompleted Excel sheets and answering e-mails about flights from those employees who can't read e-mails. 

I leave for Atlanta tomorrow morning at 6AM (kill me now)  for my first big event with my company. I am internally freaking out. Is a pack of 12 highlighters enough? Are we definitely sure that the chef at the hotel knows we have a vegan and a gluten-free in our party of 214? Will the projector screens be the right size? 

This is the problem with doing events for a job. They make you crazy. You worry, worry, worry and then worry some more. And ultimately everything ends up going well (if you planned it well that is), but of course there are some things that are beyond our control. Inevitably something will go wrong. But you just have to roll with the punches. Anyway, I will be a bag of nerves for the next five days.

So the point of this long, drawn-out post is that I have been neglectful of all things blog. I should have been writing better posts, keeping you updated in a better manner, commenting on blogs, reading the blogs in my Google Reader (it's past 100 now). And we should have said thank you already for nominating us for a 20-Something Blogger Bootleg Award

We are up for the award of Best Blog about Career/Occupation. I think that's the name (sorry if I massacred that one). Anyway, we are beyond thrilled that we have been nominated!!!!! This is insane!!!! We have barely hit our one-year anniversary, and I just feel so blessed/excited/out of my mind happy that we are being recognized by 20sb

So if  you are a member of 20sb (or if you want to sign up and become one), click here to vote for us! 

We hope we win, but really it's just an honor to be nominated (but really we'd love to win). 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sorry We Left You Hanging

I recently realized that WG2 and I write posts about our lives and then, sometimes, leave you hanging. What ever happened to Digital Boy? Just how sick nasty is WG2's apartment? These are the things I'm sure you all have be wondering lately, right? We promise to get better at this in 2009. For how, here are some updates for you.

Working Girl One:
  • I’ve gotten better at being a grown up but not before I got more of an ass kicking. My mom’s dentist put me on Amoxicillin so my tooth that needed a root canal wouldn't get infected. Turns out, I’m allergic. I got a full body rash and had to see the nurse at work (yes, we have a nurse). She put me on steroids and the rash began to go away. On Saturday, I had my root canal and it wasn’t awful but I never want to do it again. I also finished the steroids on Saturday and by Sunday my rash came back. Awesome. This time, I went to a real dermatologist and the rash is going away. I also have physical scheduled for the first week of February.
  • In early December, I was in a funk. I missed WG2 terribly and was so jealous that she was embarking on a new adventure. I still miss WG2 and so happy for her because she’s so obviously happy. But now, I’m out of my funk.
  • I vowed a while back to do my Christmas shopping early and not shop at Target on Christmas Eve. I kind of broke that vow. Kind of. I didn’t do my shopping at Target on Christmas Eve, I did it on Christmas Eve Eve. While I was on Vicodin. My sister loved every minute of it. (Don’t worry, she drove.)
  • The Biggest Winner: My team blew it. We were good for a week. I was eating well and working out. Then Thanksgiving happened and I feel of the wagon. And so did my whole team, so I don’t totally feel bad.
  • Digital Boy is now a running joke in my office. Since that post, DB has visited me a couple of times. However, unlike his first visit, these visits have been more work related. So, I think he’s over me.

Working Girl Two:

  • It's been a month since I started my new job and things are going pretty well. I still like my new boss. I still love my new desk. I still like my daily tasks. Overall, I am very happy I took the plunge and moved back to Chicago after living in NYC (except it was really Hoboken) for a year (and a half).
  • I still feel like I could be more invested in my job, though I hope as I move forward as an employee, I will be entrusted with more responsibility. I just started, so I'm not getting my panties in a twist about it.
  • I'm working on getting work friends. I forgot how hard it is to make work friends. Ugh.
  • My apartment is amazing and completely done - I just got the final finishing touches of furniture I needed so it is complete. It already feels like home and I can't wait for the summer to start using my sweet deck.
  • I still keep in contact with people from my old job. And I miss all my old work friends...a lot. And of course I miss WG1 and all our NYC friends. It's been hard getting used to not seeing all of them on a daily basis, but like I said I don't regret for a minute the decision I made to move back.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Captivate Network Should Pay Me to Write This Post

Every day, I walk into work and wait at the bank of elevators downstairs to take me up to floor 9 where I will begin my work day. 

Every day, I wait and pray and pray with all my might that I won't get the one elevator without Captivate Network inside its doors. Captivate Network, if you're listening, I would love if you would pay me for this endorsement. I love your product. If I owned a building, I would put you in all my elevators. But since I am poor and own no buildings (come on now, you all know I barely own food), I cannot buy you. But I will enjoy you to your fullest. 

Quick explanation for those of you without Captivate. Some elevators in this world are privileged. This means that their owners went out and decided, "Hey, we'd really love to give those who ride our elevators day in and out a treat." So they called Captivate Network and had tiny televisions installed in each elevator. And voila! Now we have little TV's to help us avoid awkwardly talking to people we don't know on our way down to grab a sandwich at lunch time. 

I know some of these tiny TV's can be actual TV's with newsfeed from CNN or whatever, but I think I prefer this more. See these little TV's give us tiny snippets of information that leave us wanting more. For example, I found out today that Alyssa Milano is engaged. How did I find out? From Captivate Network's gossip news! I also found out that it's going to snow Friday (boo!), that unemployment is way up (duh), and that some sports team beat another sports team at some sport (yea, sorry, I could care less). 

Point being, this little TV brings me immense joy in the middle of a boring day or a hectic day or just a day when I need to know the weather and my Internet is down because I kicked some wires under my desk taking out my Internet with my swift karate kicks and thought that the whole server was down and went complaining to anyone who would listen that the server was down when it wasn't (true story). 

As I mentioned above, there is one lone elevator in my building that does not have a tiny TV with Captivate Network. And everyone avoids this car like the plague. Including myself. Sorry elevator, I don't know why but you weren't cool enough to have a tiny TV and therefore are a loser elevator. 

So in short, I have somehow become addicted to a tiny TV in an elevator at work. And the fact that I'm even writing this down makes me pathetic.

That is all. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The City: L-O-V-E

Does every episode of The City start with a new guy? Ah, Erin's boyfriend. His name would be Duncan.

Another pre-work roomie breakfast? Don't these girls have to be at the office? During this weeks gabfest, Whitney feels bad for sleeping on Erin's couch. "It's a little crowded but of course you are welcome" - Erin. A little crowded? Her foyer is bigger than my bedroom.

"It's so difficult" - Whitney on apartment hunting in New York. Girl, you have no idea. But MTV is probably paying your 15% broker fee so I don't feel bad for you.

Olivia is completley bored at DVF. Whitney, why are you answering your cell at work, right after your boss asked you to do something? You'll rush to meet Jay? Do you not have hours that you need to be in the office? Oh, right, right. You don't really work there.

While apartment hunting with Jay, Whitney says that she pictured herself in "one of those shorter brick buildings." That would be a walk-up, Whitney.

Back at DVF, Olivia goes on a long tangent about not being dependant on a man. I love the random coworker eavesdropping on her. I bet she's thinking "Olivia, being dependant on your father is worse, shut up!" Cause that's what I was thinking.

Erin and Duncan gross me out a little bit but Ducncan kind of sort of cracks me up. "By weird, do you mean awesome?" - Duncan.

Whitney took the apartment Jay found her and put in a very ugly couch. Erin informs Whitney and Jay that she and Duncan said "I love you." Jay freaks out. Whitney freaks out and worries about their relationship because Jay freaked out.

Erin and Whitney go for a walk in Central Park. I wonder why I never saw them when I went for runs around the reservior. Oh, cause I've only done that twice since September.

I don't like Olivia's cousin Nevan because he looks creepy and talks creepy. But most of all because of this: "I was waiting for the subway on 28th street and I spit on the platform." I hate when guys do that. It's so gross and they do it all the time. It makes me want to push them onto the tracks. Ha, he got $100 ticket. That's the best thing I've heard all day.

Olivia's mad that Whitney didn't take her apartment hunting advice. Olivia clearly wants to be Blair Waldorf and she wants Whitney to be the first member of her new entourage.

At Stanton Social Jay is still hung up on the "L" word. He and Whitney have the awkward "what are we?" conversation and he is so Justin Bobby. He doesn't want a label but he does want to get to know Whitney better. "So we're toally on the right page" - Jay. Whitney is so not on that page.

Images []

The City: Small World

(Editor's Note: I know, I know, I'm so behind already with The City recaps. Here is the recap from last week's second episode. Last night's recap coming ASAP.)

Who is this Alex character? I'm guessing they covered him on The Hills which, as you know, I'm so over. Alex breaks the news to Whitney that Jay is dating was dating went home with his roommate's best friend.

"Small world." - Whitney. I bet she'll say that in every episode. Manhattan is an island Whitney, it's pretty small.

Back in Gramercy, Whitney briefs Erin, who is taking the friend role that Whitney had in The Hills and seriously sucking at it. Make some funny faces or get a better accent.

In Central Park Jay and Adam are playing basketball. I'm enjoying shirtless Adam very much.

Oh Olivia. She and her cousin Nevan don't want Whitney to get caught in that "downtown crap" and are going to let her into their inner circle. What is this? High school?

At Cafe Noir, Jay is channeling Justin Bobby like whoa. Whitney confronts Jay. "I supposed I should explain." - Jay. Well, duh! With that accent I'd believe his story too.

Olivia takes Whitney to a Manolo Balanik event at Bergdorf Goodman and informs Whitney that the Balaniks are old family friends. Whitney runs into the assistant buyer and Olivia doesn't seem to happy about that. Wait, Olivia did say he was a family friend, right? I don't think Mr. Balanik had any idea who she was. And he could not have cared less about her first pair of Manolos.

Adam's girlfriend, Allie, looks beyond bored at Tenjune. "Omigod, Alex is here." - Whitney. She can't seriously be surprised, right? Jay and Alex fight. Whitney truely looks upset and drained. All we need is Lauren Conrad with a good eyeroll and this would be perfect.

OMG KELLY CUTRONE! I never thought I'd be so happy to see her. Whitney goes to People's Revolution to visit Kelly. She is getting very maternal and I love it. Kelly, I could use the names of a few good doctors in the city, thanks! Whitney explains her boy drama to Kelly. "Maybe you can't turst both of them." - Kelly. So enlightening.

Favorite Quotes:
"She got a job? That's not like her" - Kelly on Olivia.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Why is Monday all of a sudden the greatest day of television EVER? Seriously, I wish I had a DVR that recorded more than two shows at a time because then I could tape The Big Bang Theory and Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill and Intervention and The Bachelor (which looks like it's going to be a fantastical season!). 

Anyway, on to my point. So today was a really, really hectic day. I leave on Sunday for Atlanta where I will be putting on my first event for my company. Can we say scary? So not only was today hectic, but I had to bring work home. In short, I'm tired and I really just want to veg and watch TV and eat red velvet cupcakes (thanks sis for baking for me!). 

And then I realized, 'Well, we have received a lot of awards lately. Maybe we should do the nice thing and say thanks.' 
Back in September (yes, I told you we were behind), My Life in Scotland, cited us as her newest "Blog Crush". We're touched! I have to admit that I am a subscriber of this fantastic blog - I love hearing all about her adventures in Scotland. I'm jealous of her European here I go...I'm taking the plunge and asking if I can move in? No...ok.

In December, her name was ashley honored us with the Butterfly Award. So here's my next big confession, I'm a big lurker on a lot of blogs and Ashley's is one of them. Sorry I don't comment more - but it's one of my New Year's resolutions so look out for me! I love her outfit posts (I'm Gap obsessed too) and in general I feel like we'd really get along in real life (so I officially feel like a stalker!!!). 

We also received some blogger love from *Just Jen* over at Because I Could Never Keep Up With a Diary! Thank you so much! We just found her blog and will definitely be checking back for more.
Sex on the Beach was one of the first blogs I ever read. Seriously, I fell in love at first blog. J is hilarious, tells some of the most entertaining stories, and is one very honest blogger. So thank you from Working Girl for the recognition and honor of being one of your faves too! 

And last but not least, one of our newer readers Jessica at Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls gave us the award below. I just started reading her blog today, but already I am sure we are gonna be bff (she also lurves The Bachelor!). So thank you for this generous accolade! 


So a big thank you, thank you, thank you for all the awards! And now I must go back to stuffing my face with cupcakes, watching One Tree Hill (wtf is going on with this show!), and finishing up my (home)work for tomorrow.