Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The City: Lock it Down

At DVF there is a big party coming up and Olivia is working on the guest list of editors and "socials." Socials are socialites. Which, I think, has got to be slightly awkward for Olivia. She has to work the event her friends are invited to. She may as well be serving the champagne. "It's just like...abbreviation." - Olivia on the word socials.

We spot DVF herself for the first time on The City. How cute that she played with Whitney's hair for a second.? "No, I don't." - DVF when Whitney says she looks pretty.

Whitney felt that her meeting with DVF went well. "I'm so happy for you." - Olivia. That is false.

Tell me that Erin and Whitney are having a pre-work breakfast chat again! I can't even focus on what they are saying. I'm trying to figure out if that's a sandwich Erin put in her mouth of if it is toast. Basic gist of the conversation: Jay doesn't want to commit to Whitney.

I wish my office looked the DVF office. The big party is the Wonder Woman party. Whitney has been given the task of windows. Olivia has been told to help her. She doesn't look happy. Surprised? Me neither.

I love Duncan. He made Erin's bed. And he did a good job. If only my boyfriend would do that. Duncan is thinking about moving to the city and explains to Erin that he'd need to sleep on her couch until he found a place. "And, by couch, I mean bed" - Duncan. He's seriously great.

At the Wonder Woman party, Whitney meets Chris. The kind of cute guy who works in the finance department of DVF. He asks her to lunch in front of their co-workers.

While Whitney is at lunch with Chris, Jay calls. Dun dun dun. I feel awkward watching Whitney and Chris. Ok, what was that hug when they got back to the office? So awkward. "I'll see you down the hallway." - Whitney to Chris after the awkward hug.

At dinner, Whitney tells Jay that she went to lunch with a co-worker named Chris. He gets jealous. And he should really calm down because if he knew how awkward the lunch was he wouldn't be worried.

When gabbing with Whitney about boys and dating, Erin uses the term "riding the wave," which I love. Two points for Erin. But she's still no Whitney circa The Hills.

Jay meets Adam at his place of work, Il Bastardo (yum!), to discuss the Whitney situation. Jay decides he needs to "lock it down." I think that's Australian for "make her my girlfriend."

So, Jay goes to Whitney's apartment and tells her he wants her to by his girlfriend. I couldn't really watch because it was weird to watch them make-out.


Callie said...

Your recap made me lol: I feel like we're sitting next to each-other on the couch and you're making these comments right to me! Everything you've said is dead-freakin-on. Fabulous! :)

Wearing Mascara said...

I just can't stand Jay. I also don't like how Whitney gets giddy when he calls and is like, "Hi JAY!". Weird.

I love Duncan too... especially his name! :-)

Andrea said...

Duncan is the only reason I tune it to see Whit's rather dull life.

MoYo said...

Duncan is my favorite, because he says things that totally come out of my mouth, last week's comment "by weird, do you mean awesome?"

L to the Aura said...

I <3 Duncan, but mostly because he's Canadian. :)

Does anyone else feel like Whitney was TOTALLY trying to make Jay jealous? I mean she seems like a nice girl and all, but more and more I'm seeing that she IS SUCH a girl!

I probably stand alone here, but I think Jay is about the hottest thing on the planet. I don't know if you guys get the Aftershow (with Dan and Jesse) or not, but they showed his music video on there. It wasn't too shabby!

Classy in Philadelphia said...


I love these recaps.

I'm not going to lie, I'm sort of starting to like Jay. He is actually kinda hot when he isn't all scruffy!

Mandy said...

After watching the episode, and then reading the recap, I have to say...the recap is 100x better. So maybe I will just watch the show for the fashion (is it bad that I drool over some of their shoes?!), and use the recap to find out what actually happens.

Olivia's disdain at everything irks me. I'm very happy she's not my co-worker.

I ♥ NY said...

thanks for reminding me that i need to keep up with the city... love your recaps! going to watch the online episode right now.

Katelin said...

i still haven't watched this week's episode, but now i feel like i don't have to. you covered it all, haha.

Dream Weaver said...

love the blog... I've awarded you guys the Lemonade Blog award. check out my blog for it! have a great few days of work and weekend

KAG said...

Hey! thanks for friending me on "twenty something"...hope you'll come check out my blog and enter the fun giveaway! xo KAG

mai said...

pretty sure I really love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

These recaps really are better than the show. But I must admit the fact that Jay's Australian is the only reason I watch. Anytime I get to hear an Aussie accent on American tv, I'm there.

Mama's Ramblings said...

Your updates REALLY ARE better then the clips they show you or write about on MTV's site. If I miss an episode, I always check your blog first, read about it and then watch it on MTV's site.