Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sorry We Left You Hanging

I recently realized that WG2 and I write posts about our lives and then, sometimes, leave you hanging. What ever happened to Digital Boy? Just how sick nasty is WG2's apartment? These are the things I'm sure you all have be wondering lately, right? We promise to get better at this in 2009. For how, here are some updates for you.

Working Girl One:
  • I’ve gotten better at being a grown up but not before I got more of an ass kicking. My mom’s dentist put me on Amoxicillin so my tooth that needed a root canal wouldn't get infected. Turns out, I’m allergic. I got a full body rash and had to see the nurse at work (yes, we have a nurse). She put me on steroids and the rash began to go away. On Saturday, I had my root canal and it wasn’t awful but I never want to do it again. I also finished the steroids on Saturday and by Sunday my rash came back. Awesome. This time, I went to a real dermatologist and the rash is going away. I also have physical scheduled for the first week of February.
  • In early December, I was in a funk. I missed WG2 terribly and was so jealous that she was embarking on a new adventure. I still miss WG2 and so happy for her because she’s so obviously happy. But now, I’m out of my funk.
  • I vowed a while back to do my Christmas shopping early and not shop at Target on Christmas Eve. I kind of broke that vow. Kind of. I didn’t do my shopping at Target on Christmas Eve, I did it on Christmas Eve Eve. While I was on Vicodin. My sister loved every minute of it. (Don’t worry, she drove.)
  • The Biggest Winner: My team blew it. We were good for a week. I was eating well and working out. Then Thanksgiving happened and I feel of the wagon. And so did my whole team, so I don’t totally feel bad.
  • Digital Boy is now a running joke in my office. Since that post, DB has visited me a couple of times. However, unlike his first visit, these visits have been more work related. So, I think he’s over me.

Working Girl Two:

  • It's been a month since I started my new job and things are going pretty well. I still like my new boss. I still love my new desk. I still like my daily tasks. Overall, I am very happy I took the plunge and moved back to Chicago after living in NYC (except it was really Hoboken) for a year (and a half).
  • I still feel like I could be more invested in my job, though I hope as I move forward as an employee, I will be entrusted with more responsibility. I just started, so I'm not getting my panties in a twist about it.
  • I'm working on getting work friends. I forgot how hard it is to make work friends. Ugh.
  • My apartment is amazing and completely done - I just got the final finishing touches of furniture I needed so it is complete. It already feels like home and I can't wait for the summer to start using my sweet deck.
  • I still keep in contact with people from my old job. And I miss all my old work friends...a lot. And of course I miss WG1 and all our NYC friends. It's been hard getting used to not seeing all of them on a daily basis, but like I said I don't regret for a minute the decision I made to move back.


Michelle said...

WG1, if you had a reaction to Amoxocillin you will more than likely have an allergy to the entire Penicillin family. It sucks because there is basically limited antibiotics that one can have. I'm glad your root canal turned out fine!

WG2 - Can I say that I love your place. I aspire to have one like that.... it's so crisp! And I love my new office too (even if it's temporary)... I can play spinning chairs unlike my last office job. Spin. Desk. Spin. Wall. Spin. Cabinet. Spin. Ouch!

Maki said...

I tend to have the same problem which I do post stuff and do not follow up...

But I'm glad to know that both of you are having a great start in 2009!!!

Callie said...

WG2, your apartment is lovely! I'm quite jealous and may even put that picture in my wish box (it's like on Sex and the City: a box filled with all my aspirations for the next couple of years, ha ha).
WG1, I'm definitely not jealous of your Amoxocillin allergy! I was on it every six months 'til I was 12, 'cause of my persistent ear-aches... At least, your root-canal wasn't TOO bad! I'd hate to have to go through that. :(

Legyviel said...

WG1 I know how it feels, I'm allergic to Amoxicillin too. And I don't get a rash from it but... puke. Yup. Sick.
Love your blog girls! Keep up the good work and happy new year!

S. said...

Shopping on vicodin, that's screams vlog!
I can just imagine...

Skywalker said...

A lot of people have reactions to amoxocillin so you're not alone.

I'm glad we got a recap!

Thanks ladies.

Monster Librarian said...

I awarded you the Premio Dardos Award. See here:

B said...

I love the updates! You might have to do this every so often so we know!

Love your blog, by the way. Have been a follower for a few months now :)