Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The City: Small World

(Editor's Note: I know, I know, I'm so behind already with The City recaps. Here is the recap from last week's second episode. Last night's recap coming ASAP.)

Who is this Alex character? I'm guessing they covered him on The Hills which, as you know, I'm so over. Alex breaks the news to Whitney that Jay is dating was dating went home with his roommate's best friend.

"Small world." - Whitney. I bet she'll say that in every episode. Manhattan is an island Whitney, it's pretty small.

Back in Gramercy, Whitney briefs Erin, who is taking the friend role that Whitney had in The Hills and seriously sucking at it. Make some funny faces or get a better accent.

In Central Park Jay and Adam are playing basketball. I'm enjoying shirtless Adam very much.

Oh Olivia. She and her cousin Nevan don't want Whitney to get caught in that "downtown crap" and are going to let her into their inner circle. What is this? High school?

At Cafe Noir, Jay is channeling Justin Bobby like whoa. Whitney confronts Jay. "I supposed I should explain." - Jay. Well, duh! With that accent I'd believe his story too.

Olivia takes Whitney to a Manolo Balanik event at Bergdorf Goodman and informs Whitney that the Balaniks are old family friends. Whitney runs into the assistant buyer and Olivia doesn't seem to happy about that. Wait, Olivia did say he was a family friend, right? I don't think Mr. Balanik had any idea who she was. And he could not have cared less about her first pair of Manolos.

Adam's girlfriend, Allie, looks beyond bored at Tenjune. "Omigod, Alex is here." - Whitney. She can't seriously be surprised, right? Jay and Alex fight. Whitney truely looks upset and drained. All we need is Lauren Conrad with a good eyeroll and this would be perfect.

OMG KELLY CUTRONE! I never thought I'd be so happy to see her. Whitney goes to People's Revolution to visit Kelly. She is getting very maternal and I love it. Kelly, I could use the names of a few good doctors in the city, thanks! Whitney explains her boy drama to Kelly. "Maybe you can't turst both of them." - Kelly. So enlightening.

Favorite Quotes:
"She got a job? That's not like her" - Kelly on Olivia.


<3 J. said...

I didn't realize that this Olivia chick is supposed to be some sort of Manhatten socialite?

Kinda like Paris, but A LOT more boring.

Girl needs a sex tape or a personality or something!

Lindsay McHugh said...

Olivia reminds me of a wannabe Gossip Girl.

Working Girl Two said...

Things that annoy me...

this uptown dowtown CRAP-ola. first of all, when they filmed olivia's stupid rooftop party, she lived in TRIBECA. which i'm pretty sure is downtown. and by pretty sure sure i am mean damn sure. so if olivia is so over the downtown thing then maybe she should actually move uptown.

k. rant over.

Jennifer said...

I also noticed the part when Olivia said that Manolo was a family friend, and then he acted like he didn't know who she was.

And, I also liked seeing Kelly be so friendly and maternal!