Thursday, January 22, 2009

The City: Boys Night Out

Here's our weekly The City recap. A little late due to the inauguration and last night's premiere of LOST. 

This episode is title "Boys Night Out." Something tells me that there isn't going to be much work going on here. 

In this episode we get to know Allie. I guess she's a model and is getting kind of naked for a Diesel shoot. She's worried that while she's away, Adam will play. 

Olivia and Nevan are looking for artwork because Olivia could not make it the Christie's auction. Poor Olivia. While shopping, Nevan explains to Olivia that he needs to find a nine to five job. It sounds like his daddy was taking care of him for a while and then cut him off. But, if he gets a job, he might get his rent paid for again? 
"As long as is doesn't involve me boozing six nights a week at some watering hole in the east village, he's happy." - Nevan. Just what every parent wants for their child.

The boys [Jay and Adam] go out. And I'm bored. Dear MTV, the audience for The City does not want to girls dancing on poles. Love, Working Girl. 

Jay seems seriously annoying when he's drunk. Total chatty Cathy. 

Another breakfast for Whitney and Erin. This time Whitney's friend Samantha from Bergdorf's joins them. Based on what they are wearing, I think it's a Saturday or Sunday. Some girl named Cat made out Adam. Didn't see that coming. 

Okay, Jay and Whitney are a little bit cute sitting in Madison Square Park.

Jay confronts Adam about the alleged make-out. Adam decided to tell Allie. He does, and spins the story.

Nevan is staying with Olivia. Apparently he's homeless.

"Try to find a job, please." - Olivia to Nevan.
"Not gonna happen." - Nevan to Olivia

The girls, including Samantha, have lunch with Allie and talk about Adam. Typical girl "We're just looking out for you"convo. Allie looks upset. 

Allie and Adam fight. I don't like watching other couples fight. It's just weird and they sound annoying but then i think "do I sound that annoying when I fight with my boyfriend?"

And that's the end. Lame episode.

Best quote:

"Who has drinks at two in the afternoon on a Friday?" -Nevan


Akirah said...

In response to Nevan:

Someone who is unhappy in her work, i.e. someone like myself.

And yes, it was a lame episode. What a stupid boy.

Bayjb said...

Hmm I missed this episode. But I loved the preview of that guy saying, "I'm sorry baby." Come on!

Cass said...

"Who has drinks at two in the afternoon on a Friday?" -Nevan

Unemployed people. ;-)

I have to agree with you on being uncomfortable when listening to other couples fight. I know Adam's not the brightest bulb but hearing him keep saying "I'm sorry baby" made me cringe.

Mandy said...

Very lame episode. I didn't even "ooh" or "aah" over any fashion either. Maybe next week's will be better.

newlyB said...

Little mistake ... you say "Some girl named Cat made out Jay. Didn't see that coming." It wasn't Jay who made out with her, it was Adam .. allegedly. Just thought I'd clear that up :)

Kelli said...

I want to hear more about you jobs and such! WG2 I would love to see where you work, your desk and stuff like before!

LAB said...

This show continues to piss me off. I miss Lo and LC!

S. said...

It's not the best show but at least everybody is way good looking.

Miss you LC. Can't wait for your return...Justin Bobby where you at!

(Oh, hi Jay. Le sigh.) Maegan said...

I have to say I love The City more than I love The Hills. Maybe because I know LA and not NY so I can't tell when The City is lying to me {as I can with The Hills}! lol. Great recap!

Katelin said...

i totally missed this week's episode, thanks for the recap. seriously this show hasn't totally made me love it, hopefully next week.

janice said...

that Adam is a horrible liar. I watched it just shaking my head.

Modern Maven said...

EVERYONE needs a card!

Anonymous said...

do you girls ever read the cuts review of the city? it is fabbbb!

so, this is for this weeks episode:

its.. amazing.

ps. i'm a new reader of the blog and i lovesss it! and i'm unemployed.