Thursday, October 16, 2008

Digital Boy

There is this guy in Digital that I talk to almost everyday. I have to work with him on all of my digital marketing related projects, which is basically everything I do. He's one of those dorky guys who acts causal and jokes with you the day you meet him. For example he calls me "Working Girl One-ski" or by my last name. He writes lots of smileys in his emails and tells me that if I get a project to him on-time, we can be best friends. At first I thought he was creepy but I decided to just go with it. However, since I started working with him, I've always gotten this vibe that he's flirting with me. No big deal, some people are just always flirting.

Today, Digital Boy made a surprise visit to my floor. He called my extension from the lobby, "Hey WG1, It's Digital Boy"

"Are you stalking me? Do you really need the Project materials that bad?" I asked him.

"Haha, no. Are you busy?" He asked.

Of course I'm busy! Our biggest event of the year is next week and I haven't left the office before 7:30PM all week!!! "Uh, a little. Why?" I said.

"Oh nothing, just wanted to see how Project works? What's the hold up?" I should point out that Project materials were due to Digital Boy on Monday. Typically I get emails saying "Where is Project? I guess you hate me and we can be friends anymore." Today, I got a visitor. I should also point out that Digital Boy already knows the answers to these questions (Advertisers send materials, we design the project and send for their approval. The hold up is that they take forever to approve it. It's the same story every month).

"Uh, ok. I'll come let you in." I let Digital Boy onto the floor and he waltzes in and starts walking to my desk. Uh, ok?

We got to my desk and I teach Digital Boy Project 101. He makes weird jokes and small talk and all the while I feel like hes "office flirting" with me. My coworkers (who also work with him, think he's a little creepy and I've told that I get the flirting vibe from him) are at their desks, turning around and laughing to themselves. I get awkward very easily. I can feel myself turning red in embarrassment because my coworkers are laughing and I start to sweat. Then, I think "oh god, I hope he doesn't notice my blushing and think I like him!"

He asks me about a picture of a woman that I have on my desk and asks if it's a friend. Turns out it was an invite for an event. Damnit, I think, I should have said it was my girlfriend. I then realize that I don't have a single picture of my boyfriend on my desk. I'm note a horrible girlfriend, I did have a picture up but everyone kept asking if he was my brother. That's almost as awkward as this Digital Boy situation. Perhaps Digital Boy noticed that IM on the corner of my screen between Boyfriend and I. Boyfriend said, "I have to go, I love you!" I said, "I LOVE YOU TOO!"

More Project 101 and more awkward conversation about Project. Digital Boy leaves, finally, and he's barely 5 feet away before I IM a coworker and then start laughing out loud.

"What was he doing here!?!?!" she turned around and asked. I shrugged. "He likes you!!!!" My look of disgust summed up my feelings for him. However, we were more intrigued by him than ever before now. So we did what any tech-savvy Working Girl would do: we Googled him. His Linkedin profile was one of the first hits. No Facebook, which surprised me because my guess was that Digital Boy is in his early to mid-20's, like me.

Clicked the Linkedin link. Scrolled down to find his college graduation and determine his age. Digital Boy graduated COLLEGE in 1995. He. Is. Thirty. Five. Years. Old. 35!

Now, I do not think 35 is old at all. But I thought he was my age, 23. He looked young and ok his hairline is receding a little but so is my younger brother's. He acts like guys my age too.

It was just the most bizarre and awkward encounter ever.


Meghan said...

Digital Boy is making ME feel awkward! I guess he should be Digital Man now? :)

Lose That Girl said...

Perhaps Digital Boy (um...shouldn't that now be *man*?!) wanted to appear on your blog. Now he has! Who needs Facebook or LinkedIn visitors when you can be written about on a cool blog like your's?!

Bet he gets sympathy dates. You did him a huge favour. Nice one! ;)

CC said...

ugh, so awkward! i HATE it when Awkward McAwkwardson flirts! i'm WAY too nice, and i don't know how to deflect these guys w/o hurting their feelings or being known as the bitch. seriously, its a huge problem. i only seem to attract creepos. at least you have a boyfriend and can use the "oh, i have a boyfriend" thing.

should you call this person "Digital MAN"?

The Invisible Student said...

Take it from a guy, find some way to let him know you have zero interest and quickly. Us guys are dumb like that. If you have to be rude, do so (I wouldn't reccomend it since you have to work with him). But at all costs he must be made to know that you are not interested. To us, ambiguity is as good as a yes. Trust me.

Fabulously Broke said...

I agree with invisible student..

I feel totally embarassed for you now, honey..

Maybe bring chocolates to the office and leave them there with the bow on and say "OH my bf bought me these great chocolates, want one?"


The Excuse Eliminator said...

Be glad you didn't tell him that your friend was your girlfriend. I've tried that and it's just made the guy even MORE interested! LOL!

LyndsAU said...

I would die! I hate those awkward moments! HATE THEM! Get some pics of your BF up ASAP before he comes back. Maybe wear a sign that says "I have a boyfriend!" so he gets the hint :) ha!

Far said...

lol wow I agree if he gets any more cozy you need to make it clear that you are only a coworker nothing more nothing less... makes for god office talk though lol

E said...

Yeah..... I would have felt uncomfortable to!!! Maybe he'll get the hint!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh god that whole work-flirting scenario is always awkward. Especially if you already have a boyfriend. I worked in a coffee shop for ages and constantly got creepy people trying to make pickup lines out of coffee jokes even while I was on break with my boyfriend. Not funny - and so uncool.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, sometimes you gals are just too full of yourself. Maybe it was something totally innocent, and you are making him out to be "creepy" and "flirty". He might have been trying to build rapport with you simply so he could get his job done, since it appears that you are always holding him up (and passing the blame).

But that story doesn't make you out to look so wanted, and desired and victim-like does it?

Meg said...

Wow that is soo akward! And this man has confidence, that is a scary thought!

Endless Randomness said...

Poor fellow.. he probably hasn't had a date in years. Loved the whole IM thing though.

Btw.. you've been tagged! :)

Jade said...

Something like that happened to me once, the age thing, that is.

I met a guy who I was interested in and we were hanging out. I guessed he was maybe a couple of years older than me. Then we ran into someone who went to his old high school...she said "didn't you graduate in 1999?" Me: "'re almost 30?" Him: "Ugghh..haha" So yea...although I continued to date him until he was actually 30 then it fizzled. Ha.

High School Girl said...

Wow. I didnt even see that coming. Him being 35. Oh and the picture of your boyfriend and everyone saying he looks like his brother. I know exactly where your coming from. I had the same experience. Don't think so much of what people say. Great post!

haedyel said...

i hate awkward moments..yiiiiiiii

you did a good post :)

Kerri Rae said...

I do have a question though... if he calls you WG1 then does he read your blog? Will he now be able to read this post?

I would definitly have to say though, not to read too much into it until he actually does make some sort of a move (like asking you out or suggesting something inappropriate), he could just be trying to build a rapport with you and that is his way of making others feel comfortable with him.

Elisabeth said...

I love your blog, girl!!!

Mischi said...

Oh, the awkwardness. So funny, and yet so painful because we've all been there. I recently had a social skirmish with one of the messenger boys who delivers to my office, so I can sympathize. Unfortuntely, I did not handle the situation very maturely - that is, I just pretended to be so seriously distracted that he couldn't get a word in edgewise that wasn't work related. Its tricky trying to walk the line between work friendly, and actually friend. Good luck with Digital Boy!

Anonymous said...

I read the most recent blog post about updates on WG1 and WG2 and when I came across digital boy I had to read more.

This is very awkward and very hilarious!