Friday, October 24, 2008

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes is a weekly feature. Here we will dish on tidbits, news, and important things we think you Working Girls should know. So scroll down to hear what we think you should glean from this work week.
  • We have to thank reader Tatum for this one (since she was kind enough to mail us a few copies), but I have a new obsession and it is the magazine Eliza. This new magazine is very Working Girl-esque. Interviews with Working Girl idols like Live's Nicole Lapin and Jen Egan, a casting director of shows like Project Runway. Easy to do recipes (like roasted pumpkin soup!), crafts to do to take your mind off a long day at work, and the article on great female authors. Love, love, love. I am sold. 

  • Speaking of Project Runway, we'd like to give a big Working Girl 'congratulations!' to the three finalists from this season's show! 3 women! Woohoo! And I would love to own one of Leanne's wave inspired skirts so here's to hoping she designs a line for Target. Congratulations Leanne! 

  • Still in the need for a costume this Halloween? Need said costume to be kosher for work (aka zero cleavage and a lot less leg than that sexy nurse costume you bought for later?). Have no fear! American Apparel is here! The somewhat cheap store known for its clothing staples has a whole portion of their site devoted to DIY costumes with minimal work. I can't wait to show off my tennis player outfit next Friday (although I think I'm going to forgo showing it off at the work place).
  • Freaking out about our growing problems with the economy? Hop on over to the NY Times article on how to quell your fear of losing all your money and living on the streets. I might have exaggerated a tiny bit there on the exact subject line. 
  • Getting excited for Whitney Port's spin-off show "The City"? We are too. So excited that we've included the sneak peek trailer in this week's Meeting Notes. Most early reviews are saying 'boring', but we love Whitney and a break from Speidi sounds awesome to us. 


The Awkward Type said...

Awesome for the City! It looks like it might be good! Any idea when it starts?

Giovanna Diaries said...

Am I the only one who cringes whenever Speidi is spotlighted? Ughhgh!
I'm excited for Whitney's show.
Did you see Stylista? I did. It was watchable but not that great.
I rolled my eyes quite a bit at these mentors the stylista-hopefuls are suppose to want to be/work for.
AND that Eliza mag looks pretty darn good.

Caz said...

The City looks awesome and I love that there's a cute aussie in it already! haha (I have a one-track mind!)
Hopefully it'll be less of a "disaster waiting to happen" that is the hills (and speidi)

that girl said...

you girls rock!! thank you.

Anonymous said...

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kokostiletto said...

yes i can't wait for the city b/c i love whitney!!!!!!

hahah thanks for the tip re: ameriacn apparel!

Dulce estrellita said...

Cool!! the hills make me crazy, but this... i can't wait!!! Whitney sorprise me, and so you, i didn't hace no idea about this! Excelent post! thank for the notice! byeee girls! see you...

*Sweet Star*

The Awkward Type said...

uh, so I was just watching Last weeks Entourage (not last nights) and guess who pops up? Whitney!

"Vince, your needed over here.." She looked cute!

skinny fat chick said...

Oh wow... I just watched the clip and I am definitely excited for the City. The Hills just keeps getting faker and faker (if that is a word), but I still love it!