Thursday, October 2, 2008

Something in the Air

Last night, I was the last person to leave the office.

At 6:30PM, I looked up from my cube and everyone was gone. I looked out the window and saw that it was already dark out. Earlier than normal. Something felt different. I walked outside and it smelled like autumn. Autumn. My favorite season.

Autumn reminds me of going back to school, starting a new year. For the second year, I did not go back to school in September. This year was easier than last, but it doesn't take away that new year feeling.

For some reason this year, the feeling is affecting me more. Specifically at work. My favorite part of starting a new school year was organizing myself for the year. This week has been slower than a normal week, so I took advantage and got organized. I cleaned out my inbox and all of my folders. I made timelines for my upcoming projects and I was finally able to begin working on our upcoming event (our biggest event of the year).

This slow week is the calm before the storm. Our event is 3 weeks away. My monthly projects are starting up again. And who knows what else will come up next week. Having a few days to feel the surge of a new season and time to reorganize and even just take a step back and breathe, makes a huge difference in my work life.

Remember the burn out at the end of the school year? You couldn't wait to be done. Then summer came and you got a break. This week was my much needed break. Which reminds me, I really need a vacation.


Giovanna Diaries said...

I'm the same way. Septembers/New School seasons always have that "start over" vibe. I still remember how you'd walk into class with all your new folders and notebooks and swear that you would be a perfect student. Then October hits and you realize, "yeah, completely unattainable."
But it's still fun to try. And definitely fun to buy all the new organizational things.

Phoebe Caulfield said...

I was supposed to start school this year but couldn't for financial reasons, so I REALLY miss that start-over feeling this fall. There's an elementary school on my block and when I see the kids walking to school in their uniforms with their little backpacks that have reflector strips I nearly swoon for those days. But that burn out part...don't miss that.

Katie Killary said...

Hey WG1, do you have a favorite quote by an artist/celebrity/writer/singer, etc?

send it to me!

Have a good weekend!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Fall does have that "new start" sort of feel to it. It still makes me want to go out and buy all kinds of school supplies and such.

I'm Just Me said...

Fall is such a beautiful time... it feels like a renewal & start of something even though all around us trees are drifting into the silent bareness of winter...for me, fall is my most introspective time. Fall, not January, is when I tend to look over my last year of life and plan for the future.

E said...

I agree fall always makes me think I should be starting back to school! Or at least I should be making a change in my life or something...... :)