Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ask Working Girl

As we mentioned in our last Meeting Notes, we are going to be starting a new feature on our blog. A bi-weekly Q&A feature!

Yep, you can ask us anything. Got a question about our blog? Something work-related? We have answers!

Send in your questions to or! Or leave us a question in the comments section of this post.

Ask away!


Elizabeth said...

The drama queen of my office recently decided that we should be BFF. She's a nice person and all, but I have enough friends and not much time, thank you very much.

Well, I recently found out that she's been helping herself to the snacks I have stashed in my desk when I'm not in the office. I immediately got a set of keys to all my drawers and cabinets, so at least that problem is solved. But we haven't spoken since this incident several weeks ago.

Have either of you experienced a similar invasion of privacy, or unwelcomed friendship advances?

Mary De Bastos said...

how can you afford to live in the city on assistant salaries?

how much is an assistant salary?

Anonymous said...

A big cheer for the Self-Employed Gals out there! It comes with its own challenges, and I'd love to see some topics about that.

I run my own therapy office - and as we all know, time is money. If I don't see clients, I don't get paid, and I don't make a dime.

There have been some clients who no-show or last-minute-cancel for booked appointments. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt the first time - but after that I charge them for the full-cost of the appointment -$90. This policy is mentioned on my office forms AND each business card. 24 hours notice required for cancellations. (I have made a few exceptions: If they reschedule within the same week - I waive the fee, and if there's a family emergency I waive the fee.)

Does this seem reasonable?

GrannySmithGreen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog-and leaving a comment. It is always so nice "meeting" new bloggers! Thanks for stopping by. Come again soon.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any recommendations for finding a job in a different city? I know WG2 is going through this right now and I'd love some tips because I'm having a hard time knowing where to look. I'm an assistant right now and would probably be looking at doing more assistant/office worker type stuff.

Kerry said...

hi working girls :)
what lessons or skills did you learn in college that helped you most in the workplace?

Being Brazen said...

Where do all my work mugs go? (i've given up bringing my own mug to work) - I have some theories about what happens to them...but seriously does every office have to have a mug thief?

To read about my frustration you can visit this older post:

jaime. said...

This is more of a technical question, but how do you get the two navigation columns?! I only have one and it's just not quenching my thirst for columns! Thanks :)

High-heel gal said...

I'm a working girl (specifically, a teacher) and I want to move to NYC, but wonder how it can be made affordable? I have a masters degree, so I'm paying off that, plus the normal bills that we all have. I'd rather not have a roommate, as I feel those days are behind me. How do you girls do it?!Any suggestions would be helpful :)

Mich said...

i always see people on TV and in movies wearing their shoes in the house (on american shows). is it true or is it just on TV?

i am from Canada and everytime i have visited the U.S. i have only ever stayed in Hotels, i have never been in someones home to see if they actually do.

in Canada we definitly dont.everyone takes their shoes off at the door.

please tell me.... is it true? ive wondered it for years.