Monday, October 26, 2009

First Day Back & We Have a Contest

So a break from blogging that was only supposed to last a long weekend turned into a 3 week hiatus. While WG1 has a pretty damn good excuse (not only did she just move into a new apt., she also had a huge event at work to do and crunch time was October), I on the other hand have less of an excuse and more of a case of laziness.

Today, as a welcome back to the blogging world after our almost month long absence, we'd like to announce a contest (in hopes to get you back in our good graces).

Who's giving the goods: In honor of their energy/coffee sent-from-the-gods drink Doubleshot® Energy+Coffee, Starbucks is hosting a contest across the blog-o-sphere to promote their drink that keeps you energized AND has dose of vitamins, protein, and minerals. Which means I basically want this in an IV at my office desk.
What you're playing for: Five (5) lucky bloggers will win the following
  • Stealth Switch - the "world's first desktop cloaking device" that uses patent pending technology to instantly and completely hid applications with a press of a foot-switch. The applications are not just minimized, they are made invisible.
  • $5 Starbucks® card
  • SDEC coupons
  • SDEC-branded white board

Not only that - but the blog with the most "valid" comments will win a special prize pack at the end of the contest (which includes a set of noise-canceling headphones which let me tell you, I need desperately!). So not only will you win the prizes above, but you'll also be helping me win sweet peace and silence at work. Can I just say I don't appreciate the fact that my next door cubemate likes to play techno at full blast every Friday in anticipation of the weekend.

Here's the nitty gritty: All you have to do is post a comment (aka answer) to the following question: "Sip on Starbucks Doubleshot® Enegery+Coffee to upgrade your energy levels without raising eyebrows around the office. What's your best real-life story of how some idiot in the office raised eyebrows and stirred up the gossip mill?"

The 5 answers that we think are the best will win the prize packs mentioned above. To get you thinking let me just say that the most idiotic thing I ever saw at work was when a co-worker got canned for watching porn at work - yea, no joke.

The contest ends on November 9th so get commenting Working Girls!

The fine print:
This promotion is solely sponsored by Working Girl and has not been endorsed or approved by North American Coffee Partnership. By entering, you agree to look solely to Working Girl Two for any claims in connection therewith, and not the North American Coffee Partnership. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Subject to Contest guidelines. Open to U.S. residents only. Contest ends November 9th, 2009. Void where prohibited. Starbucks Doubleshot® Energy+Coffee sent me samples and a prize pack and here's what I think. All the opinions expressed here are mine.


Arielle said...

Ohhh do I have a story for this one. At my old job (I'm a grad student now) I used to have a lot of autonomy, and thus could schedule my own meetings and whatnot without my boss knowing. One day I was in a lunch meeting when my boss came looking for me. My colleague told her she didn't know where I was. Towards the end of the day, an employee called me crying (I worked in HR), so I found an empty conference room and talked the employee through her problem for an hour. When I came back, I found out through someone within earshot of my desk that my boss had come looking for me again, and the same colleague from before said completely seriously, "I don't know, Arielle's been MIA all day. She's probably out shopping or something."

I was LIVID, and pretty much told my coworker off for lying to my boss about me and starting to start drama. Not cool.

Ms. Attitude said...

Welcome back!

bogeygrl said...

Hi Working Girls! I work in a very conservative office where if someone wears a skirt above their knee, people raise eyebrows. But this story goes a bit beyond that. There is an older guy in our office who is fairly chatty; most people know him. He is about 65 and seems normal. Let's call him 'older guy'. The head boss gets a call one day from a man who is livid. Let's call him 'livid man'. 'Livid man' says he wants 'older guy' fired. When the boss asks why, 'livid man' says that 'older guy' has been swinging with his wife. 'Livid man's' wife has also been posting all of her adventures online. In fact, 'older guy' and 'older guy's' wife, and 'livid man's' wife have all been swinging together! If this wasn't enough, 'livid man' emails a VIDEO of the three of them getting it on. Because it turns out that 'livid man's' wife is really into being watched, or whatever. And 'livid man' says that his wife is now filing for divorce because 'older guy' is so freaking fabulous in bed.
needless to say, 'older guy' called in sick for 2 weeks. and I am totally serious.

p.s. love your blog!

Zoƫ said...

One girl I used to work with years ago used to make "sales" by leaning over the counter with her cleavage hanging out. She didn't realize that this was her tactic and that she just thought she was a good salesperson. After someone at work teased her about it, she started to cover up a little more and consciously stopped leaning over the counter. Let's just say that her sales weren't as good. Sad.

DG said...

to make a long story short a girl started a rumor in the office about the company president and her "breast job" - guys would say inappropriate things behind her back until it culminated to her finding out and being horrified because she did not have a book job and actually went braless the next day with no shame which was disturbing but what can you do seriously. not a dramatic story but I would feel weird if people made random remarks about breasts and claim I got plastic surgery!


Lindsey Marie said...

My co-worker asked me "what i did" to get my raise. I told her the truth, that i worked my ass off. She said "well that's what you tell people, but what did you really do..."

a few months later, security caught her and my boss having sex in a conference room.

umm honey, that's NOT how you get a raise.

Natballs said...

OT- but I didn't know DWIGHT SHRUTE HAS A BLOG!

Becky said...

I can't think of a good story now but if I come up with one I'll post again later. Just wanted to say welcome back!

Life in the Cube said...

I raised an eyebrow at the office read here:

Welcome Back!

Amy said...

Here's an excerpt from a blog about a semi-stalker I had for a few months at work. After this unfortunate IM conversation I never heard from him again...

Because I clicked the window closed in horror, I’m paraphrasing the following:

IMer: lunch today?
Me: brought lunch
IMer: you sure? i’ll pay
Me: got to eat my chili


IMer: how was your chili?
Me: tasty
IMer: i’m glad
IMer: how’s your tummy?
Me: full
IMer: how are your bowels?
IMer: from your silence, i think i should retract that comment
Me: uh, yeah… was reading something
IMer: gotcha, i will let you work, i feel like i am the annoying guy you wish you’d never met
Me: don’t think i know you well enough for bathroom talk
IMer: i understand

Obviously I could not keep the knowledge of this no. 2 fetish to myself =)

Born with a big mouth! said...

During a buyout of another company one of my fellow employees called one of our local radio stations to share her concerns and aggravations on the merger. Her choice in verbage, and the fact that she said some of her boss's names on the air had people waiting at the door to escort her back to her car. Gossip was flying for days along with a copy of her on the radio. WOW - I guess if you are gonna complain.... on air is NOT the way to do it if you want ot keep your job!

Anonymous said...

Hi Working Girls! I am SO excited for this giveaway! And now, my story... one of my coworkers, who sends out emails to our THOUSANDS of members (who are up there in age), sent an email to a service which they paid for with the WRONG LINK. Clicking on the inclosed website brought them to... a picture of Chucky. Needless to say, that was all people talked about for the next few days - and because he managed to remain anon, everyone was gossiping about WHO it could've been.

Citizen said...

One of my coworkers, who I assume was just bored one day, emptied a bottle of hand sanitizer on his desk and proceeded to light it on fire. This of course scorched his desk, and set off the smoke alarms. Strangely, he is still employed here.

Anonymous said...

there was one guy in our office that manage to sleep with everyone. not sure how he did it as he wasn't good looking but it always got out...

also, this one girl was fired who was on the "Fun committee" (think birthdays) and she actually TOOK the money she had collected and said she deserved it. glad I never donated

DG said...

some edits made because I clearly can't spell:

to make a long story short a girl started a rumor in the office about the company president and her "breast job" - guys would say inappropriate things behind her back until it culminated to her finding out (through an email left open on someone's desktop...she went to ask him a question and his computer froze at just the right moment -ha) and being horrified because she did not have a boob job (simply is a 45 year old woman with a perky chest) and actually went braless the next day with no shame which was disturbing because it was too carefree la dee da but what can you do seriously. not a dramatic story but I would soooo feel weird if people made random remarks about my breasts and claimed I got plastic surgery!


Hazel said...

at my old job, there was a sales guy that lived about an hour and a half from the office. often times, he wouldn't go home at night; he'd just go out after work, smoke and drink, and crash at some random friend's place. then he'd show up for work the next day wearing the same clothes from the previous day and reek like B.O., booze and cigarettes! it was not a pretty sight or smell and always got people talking.

Katie said...

I had just started my first job out of college, getting adjusted to working and having a work life balance. (still working on that one) But anyway, per company policy employees are not allowed to start a competing company with coworkers that they meet will working in our office. Ok LONG story short.... someone narked by printing out some files they found on a zip. I walk into work the next morning and there are police dusting for finger prints on the printer..... I know it is had to believe I still laugh about it today!

Shannon said...

I worked in a Sports Complex as a youth program coordinator. My main job was to manage several coaches we had hired to teach soccer, and I never had any problems besides someone not showing up to a class every once in a while. Last winter, we hired a coach named "Makayla" that turned the small business I worked for upside down in a matter of weeks. She had a thing for the bartender who worked in our pub and ended up getting together with him even though she claimed to be engaged. He was also still in love with his ex-girlfriend, so he broke things off with "Makayla" early on. That's when things got out of control. "Makayla" was so devastated about the break up that she obsessed over the bartender every time she was on shift. Then she started telling the employees that she was pregnant with his baby. She even had one of the employees drive her to the doctor. Every time she told a new employee about her story she started with "I shouldn't tell anyone this but I trust you... you're the only one who knows." Our place of employment was like a bad episode from MTV's "The Hills." Finally the bartender found out from the maintenance guy about his "baby" and broke down at work. I mean crying, falling down, an absolute mess! When "Makayla" found out that he knew, she started obsessively calling and texting the people that she told (which was almost everyone) trying to figure out who let it slip. It turns out... she wasn't even pregnant. She was just trying to make people feel bad that he had dumped her. I'd expect this in a high school, but not in a workplace! Needless to say, gossip had reached a new level for the employees that winter.

Shannon said...

My email is by the way! I realized I didn't give that information when sharing my working girl story.

Jo said...

I used to work in a library. A school library. A conservative school library.
We had a section of books about sex that were a little more graphic than was usual that were kept behind the counter. This was done to keep children from stumbling upon them. However, they were hard to find on the catalog so they were rarely taken off the shelf except for when the employees would look at them and snicker.
I was working the check-out counter and chatting with a cute coworker when this NOT-CUTE-AT-ALL freshman boy walks up, hands over a call number, and says, "I need this book on the female G-spot."
I held back a smile.
"And if you wouldn't mind looking around back there for any other books you think look good, I'd appreciate it" he said.
I was impressed with his composure. My coworker was really trying hard not to laugh at this point.
I grabbed the book and another one, and said, "Resarch paper?"
His face turned a little pink and he said, "Sure."
My coworker coughed.
I slid the books across the counter to the boy and said, "Good luck with that, buddy."
My coworker had to walk away.
It was all over the library by the end of the day.