Friday, October 30, 2009

My Disappearing Act

I think I owe an explanation for my disappearing act, because like I said on our first post back on Monday WG1 had a much better explanation of why she has been MIA.

I've definitely been in a working funk lately. When my last boss left our company, I was in total and complete limbo. They had no intention of hiring a new Executive VP (even though that would make sense) so no one needed a new assistant. Everyone was pretty much scrambling to find a place for me to fit in. They knew that I wanted to keep doing the events, but what else would occupy my time? Before I had been doing various projects that popped up but that was all based on my workload from my old boss. My new boss suggested I become a Project Manager and work with consumer marketing. This included figuring out email schedules, working with new clients, and such.

So for almost two months they had me "shadow" someone who had been managing projects at our company for almost 4 years. And in the middle of those two months, he quit to go back to school. Which left me with his workload, zero understanding of what I was doing, and a mountain of stress. Not to mention I was uber confused. I knew that I still really loved events and they weren't taking those away from me, but now I was doing someone else's full-time job. And I didn't even like it! I wanted to say something to my boss, but the feeling that the only reason I still had a job was because I was filling in with what needed to be helped with, made me think twice about that.

In a nutshell, I wasn't a happy camper. I thought about getting an new job - even applied to a few. Of course, I heard nothing back because the economy is shot so I kept going about my business in a job I didn't love with a mountain of work.

Just last week, my new boss sat me down and proposed that I go back to working with merchant marketing - a job I had kinda been doing before in my old position. She suggested I work on their projects which would include working with the sales team. I would still be doing events but I would get to work on collateral for the sales team and all their supplemental marketing requests. All things I did at my old job. Things that made me feel more comfortable. Things that so far have made me a teensy bit happier.

I won't really transition into my new position until Monday, and really other than doing new things not much else has changed. I didn't get a raise and my title didn't actually change. Don't worry - all things that I will talk about with my new boss in the next coming weeks. I'm settling in for the moment, not just into my new job but also into a new desk (which is ten times larger than my old one and I'm no longer lodged next to all the creatives who I am convinced hate my guts).

Things are getting better and most importantly I'm back from the black blogging abyss.


Practically Perfect... said...

Welcome back :-) I know how difficult it can be when you are moved into a job that you don't particularly care for, but are hesitant to say anything because of the economy. I'm glad that your boss decided to transition you into something more along the lines of what you'll enjoy! And don't worry - we all have periods where things get so crazy that blogging needs to take a backseat!

Bayjb said...

Sounds like things have been busy. Glad to see you're back to blogging :) Sorry I missed your Wrigley party too, rain + no cabs = soaked me :(

Ms. Attitude said...

I understand what its like to not like your job and be completely confused. I'm glad you back! Good luck with the new position.

Anonymous said...

Job stress is terrible. I do hope that things work out for you. :)

AmericanTribal said...

Glad you're back!!

I found you on 20SB and I awarded you the One Lovely Blogger Award... the award pic is on my blog if you'd like to collect it :).

Ms. Dirty Cupcake said...

wow, i am in your shoes at the beginning of your blog. my company recently had upper managament changes and they suplemented the budget by cutting and merging. now i am doing part of my old job and an entire new one. sound familiar? i am really happy to read that you are in a better place now. you are totally right when you say that we have no choices in this economy. i will continue to use my blog and others' to heal my soul :) can't wait to hear more!