Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meet Advertising Working Girl

Hi, I’m Advertising Working Girl and I’m a catchphrase-concocting Copywriter. I reside on the creative side of the advertising world and boy, do I love it. And now that I get to whip up compelling (and hopefully entertaining) posts as a Working Girl Contributor, I’m absolutely giddy with glee. (Yay Glee!)

I always knew I wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember (except that one month when I was 8 in which I had to be a Disney cartoonist…until I realized I couldn’t draw). As soon as I got to college and discovered the joys of copywriting, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Though, as I’m sure pretty much any copywriter would agree, I would love to write books one day. Preferably chick lit. There’s nothing I love more than getting lost in a good, and somewhat mindless, book.

And while I love what I do, I haven’t been able to focus much on it lately. Why’s that? Well, in the last six weeks, my life has been swept up in a crazy whirlwind of change.

I took a huge leap of faith (and love), packed up my little life and moved to a new city, a new apartment and a heck of a new job . I’ve moved on from a tiny ad agency where everyone knew my name, shoe size, favorite ice cream toppings—everything—to the gigantic corporate world where I’m literally just a number.

The best part? For the first time in a long time, I feel excited. I’ve only been at my new job a few short weeks (with some holiday chaos thrown in for fun), but I’m absolutely loving it. I got the dream job I’d been craving and though I’m still learning the ropes, I know it’s going to be everything I hoped it would be—and more. Though it certainly won’t be without its challenges, it’s a position that’s filled with seemingly endless opportunities to grow and succeed.

But let’s be honest—being the new kid is awkward. As someone who is shy around new people, I’ve really tried to step out of my shell. In an office chock full of inside jokes, it’s a bit difficult to fit in. I find myself constantly trying to find the balance between happily joining in on conversations with co-workers and being the creepy eavesdropping girl who butts in. It’s quite difficult!

That’s nothing compared to trying to navigate my way around the actual office building. I would love to carry a map with me (oh yes, there are maps) but I’d rather not look like a lost little freshman. Thank goodness I had a nice long orientation to get me situated. I couldn’t even find the bathrooms for at least a half a day.

I honestly had no idea what to expect when I stepped into the corporate world. Over the holidays, I had three different relatives congratulate me on my first real job. Huh? I felt a tiny bit offended. After all, I’ve been a Working Girl for a few years now.

But honestly, it kind of does feel like my first REAL job. I actually have to dress up every day (which meant I just had to buy a new wardrobe, of course). And now I couldn’t be more excited to dive right in and take my new company by storm…a happy, thriving, successful storm.


Kris said...

Good luck!

Guilty of Gossip said...

sounds like an exciting place! congrats on the new job, city, and apartment!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh I so enjoyed reading this. Good for you girl for having the guts to do everything new. I basically want to do exactly what you have done. I have worked in an office building for years but it's not the same of being in the corporate world. I want to get out of my small office job & get in to the bigger one. Good luck with this new job! I like hearing success stories very much!!

Ms. Attitude said...

Hi Advertising Working Girl! I know how you feel about fitting in with your new coworkers.

Alissa said...

Hi AWG! Oh how I can relate to the Corporate World in the big company. That's all I've worked for since I got out of college hence why I started my corporate chick blog. I can't wait to hear about your career!

Copywriting is fun. Definitely not as easy task as some might think!

Valerie said...

Good luck! It's nice to read about someone being so happy at work. There's hope for me after all! Congrats.

Nikki said...

Congrats on the new job! I remember my first corporate job, dressing up, orientation. Now all I want to do is work from home and wear sweats ;) But I do miss daily walks to starbucks in the city. Ah life...*sigh*

Thanks for friending me on 20SB. I'm very, very new!