Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm 25 and I can KICK and STRETCH and KICK!

I know Spring is supposed to be a great change from the gloomy days of winter, but with allergies, day lights savings, parent conferences, and 100 other obligations I am EXHAUSTED. I don't like to use this blog as a means to complain about being tired, but as I sit here at 9pm on Monday night I can barely keep my eyes open! I'm not sure if it's just me, but today crawled by. Literally. I looked at the clock what felt like 6 times and the hands hadn't moved from 1:08. Sad, but true!

According to this study I found online the most common time during the day for energy slumps is 2:16 in the afternoon. It is when most workers feel drained and unable to concentrate (this is usually the time when I grab a Diet Coke or sneak some candy that has been stashed away in my desk drawer). Instead of reaching for the caffeine and sugar..try these suggestions:

Desk Stretches: link your hands, push your arms out in front and raise them above your head. Lift your shoulders up towards your ears and gently roll them. Extend your legs out in front of you and point and flex your toes.

Mid-afternoon Snacks: Instead of the rush and crash f a sugary snack, have some fruit (fresh or dried) or nuts which are healthy and a long-lasting source of energy. If you can't resist chocolate, choose a few squares of good quality plain dark chocolate.

Break ad Stretch: Stop hovering over the computer for 5 minutes and take some deep breaths outdoors (not by the office smokers!). It will wake up your body and get your blood your brain!

Water: Drink it. Lots of it. It will keep you from feeling sleepy and hungry. Plus, doesn't hurt to take a few breaks walking to the water cooler and passing that cute guy who sits a few cubes away from you. While your at it, ask if he needs a refill!

Acupressure Points: Touching these points stimulates the nerves and redistributes your energy. Try rubbing your hands together until they're warm, then rub your temples in a circular motion.

Change your Focus: It's easy to feel exhausted when you think of all the work you need to accomplish. Make lists of your tasks and save the simple jobs for the afternoon so you don't have to concentrate too hard. (And a little facebooking and googling in the afternoon won't kill you!)


Corporate Chickee said...

Great tips! I am also a big fan of stepping outside for a few minutes, to catch my daily dose of vitamin D! A little sunshine and/or fresh air does wonders for the mood!

I keep a nut and dried fruit mix at my desk and grab a handful when I need a pick-me-up. The trick is to make sure your portions aren't too big - a small handful is usually enough (about 1/4 cup is usually a serving size).

I struggle with the water drinking though - my office gets so cold at times I tend to drink extra coffee just to warm up!

SarahBeth said...

GREAT tips. Funny, I always slip into a semi-coma like state at my desk right around that time in the afternoon.

Christy said...

Wow thanks for this! Great tips! Peanut butter is a great afternoon snack also because it's high in protein and gives you energy!

Just Jay said...

I always spend that slump time catching up on blogs or get up from my desk and talk to a coworker about something versus sending yet another e-mail! Then before I know it, it's 4:30!

LaNeshe said...

Nice tips!

d.funkt said...

I'd really love to read the study. Will you please post the link or plop it in a comment on my blog? Thanks!

-Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe!

Lis said...

Mary Katherine Gallagher! Love! Haha.

I work at a nursing home and it constantly busy and go, go, go! I'm glad that I get a lot of exercise and eat healthy at work. But I agree that working in an office all day at a desk can be hard. Great tips!

Oh, and thank you for friending me on 20SB. :)