Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm Interested in the Real You

Unless you've been living inside a cave that for some of you may be your mountainous amounts of work, you may have heard of the Apple iPad tablet that launched last Sat. Yes, this "magical" device can let you do practically anything. Things like tele-porting out of traffic jams, zapping zits, making your boss fall in love with you and growing money on trees .... yeah, there's an app for allll that.

OK, OK, kidding aside, the iPad is an incredible piece of equipment and was ultimately invented I think to advance the ways we communicate with each other and to do lots of things simultaneously and ever-so-coolly.

Except, I see one problem. I don't think the iPad works. No, I haven't tried it out for myself (Are you kidding? Spend five hundred bones on that?), but I know people who do have one, and you know what? They still don't see my emails, they still don't get back to me quickly, they still misspell words, their Internet is still slow, etc. ... basically, these people aren't really any more efficient than they were before the iPad. What gives?

I know it isn't the iPad's fault for a lot of the flaws I mention above, but what I'm trying to say is that I am a big fan of actual communication. It doesn't matter what fancy new device you have, or how savvy you are online, if you can't communicate human to human then you have hit a "magical" brick wall of efficiency, my friends.

Can we just take a moment and at least think about getting back to the basics, like first impressions and holding an intelligent conversation with someone we've just met instead of saying, "Oh, I'll just look you up on Facebook later." Can we please send a handwritten note to our best friend, dad or mom to show how much we appreciate them? How about we go on some real dates to the museum or packing a picnic and watching the sun set and just TALK.

I'm sorry if this post sounds overly rant-y.

So to sum up, technology, ladies, as a way of communication is only as efficient as we make it to be.

OK, now on a fun note. Speaking of getting back to basics, remember when female role models used to be women who were smart, strong, talented and interesting, and still beautiful? Check out the below music video to this new TV talk show for smart girls, called "The Girls With Glasses Show," that's currently in the works, with hosts Summer Bellessa (model and Editor-in-Chief of ELIZA Magazine) and Brooke White (American Idol alum) as they pay tribute to some pretty amazing women.

I Am A Girl - The Girls With Glasses Theme Song from The Girls With Glasses on Vimeo.

Are you inspired now to go out and "capture the world"? Go for it.


Dreamer said...

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tris1978ton said...

True, the efficiency of a technology is parallel to the person's savviness of using it. But the price (500? really?) is very high. But then again, that's exactly what we thought about the iPhone and look what a massive invasion that is?

Kat said...

I had someone on my flight that couldn't wait to show off his ipad for EVERYONE on the flight! Seriously, he flashed it everywhere...I remember thinking ~ someone's gonna steal that thing while you're napping!

Elle said...

For as often as we communicate, we are seriously morphing into a generation of people that's going to forget how to act in person and just rely on emoticons to express our feelings. It is bothersome and a bit scary, honestly. There's something to say about actual face-to-face interaction, or handwritten letters, or phone calls.

Great video! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you completely in terms of we need more face to face communication. i believe people are more and more losing interpersonal skills and can not fully engage in social activities.

the video is great, love the outfit and the colours. i just noticed that with the exception of mother teresa, all the women they spoke about where white. would have been nice to see variety.