Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes is a weekly feature. Here we will dish on tidbits, news, and important things we thinking Working Girls should know. So scroll down to hear what we think you should glean from this work week.

  • This is an unfortunate story, but is worth reading. A Massachusetts court just recently ruled that women who take more than eight weeks of maternity leave can be fired by their employers if they wish to do so. [Jezebel]

  • Yesterday, The Chive posted photos that they had received from an employee who sent photos of herself quitting her job via dry erase board to all her employees. It has since been confirmed it was a hoax. But click through anyway - the photos are hilarious (and I wish they were true haha). [The Chive]

  • has just released a survey where they asked men and women which gender they prefer in a boss. 63% of women and 75% of men prefer male bosses saying women are "loose cannons" and their hormones are all over the place. [Daily Mail]


DJ Taurus said...

this is hilarious! indeed, a little part of me wishes it were all true:)

allyson at

hope you get the chance to visit soon!

Izzy said...

Heard about that girl this morning -- too bad it was a hoax!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I was really bummed that erase board thing was a hoax. It was SO FUNNY. Either way, it made me laugh, just wish it was true. Farmville is the devil

Lauren Jade said...

Too much...haha

Amy said...

I'm a bit sad it was a hoax too, but it's funny nonetheless and probably true in a lot of offices!

Eight weeks maternity leave just sounds barbaric. In Canada you can take up to a year!

Anonymous said...

I loved the "I Quit" fakeout, but the thing that really bummed me out was the ruling regarding maternity leave. We have some of the worst statistics when it comes to maternity leave law, which drives me up a wall. Making the first few months of motherhood even harder by forcing a woman to choose between potentially keeping her job and staying with her newborn child is just wrong. That's too bad.