Monday, December 6, 2010

Home Offices in Little Spaces

This past weekend, PR Working Girl showed us her GREAT office - which just served to remind me of my lack thereof.

I used to have an amazing 'cloffice' (closet+office=cloffice - it really is more fun to say), which I have abandoned because I am in the process of moving in with my boyfriend. It is a great change and a much needed move, but it brings up the issue of office space.

We have a bedroom that we have designated as the office, but with a recliner and his large desktop computer/desk/bookcase (which we needed badly once we combined our libraries), I am in a bit of a limbo. The other two bedrooms are pretty full with our bedroom furniture and with my old bedroom set completing the guest room. So just where do I choose to sit and write my freelance articles or perfect my editor letter?

I guess the real question - is a personal desk in the home office necessary? We both have full-time jobs (and I have my own office I retreat to there), so why shouldn't I be able to write at his desk or at the kitchen table?

I don't know if it is just the fact that I am worried about not having a consistent space to write in, or if it is really that I just want a bit of space in the house to make my own and keep separate from the whirlwind that is combining our things.

Have any of you gone through this same thing - trying to find office space in a house that is already complete? What did you do? I have been slowly gathering ideas from Tiny Ass Apartment (a GREAT resource for decorating and developing small spaces) and want input of other editors out there!


Nicole Lisa said...

When I moved in with my boyfriend we immediatly designated where I would have my office.
Problem is that I STILL haven't got my office there and now I am sitting at the dining room table, which isn't a viable solution as I feel I have to clean up every time I leave the table and not leave anything behind. This doesn't work when I am doing a project and need to spend more than a couple of hours on the same task.
Solution has been that we are going to have to plan a "work" weekend, to set up an office space for me where I have the ability to work and not worry about not leaving a piece of paper lying around.
It is a process, but I think it is necessary (at least for me) to have a space I can claim to be mine and not "ours". I adore him, but I need my space as much as he needs his x-box ;o)
<3 Nicole Lisa

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