Saturday, December 4, 2010


Here I sit in my brand spankin' new home office. Oh, how I love it. My husband built it for me utilizing some leftover closet space upstairs. How nice of him. I'm going to thank him with his favorite dessert this weekend, a banana cream pie made from scratch. This recipe looks amazing.

So you may remember my complaining over the summer about how being a new Work-from-Home Working Girl was super tough and how I was losing my mojo because I didn't have a dedicated work space? Oh my gosh, what a difference this little office makes. I feel like a real Working Girl again, not a pj's girl pretending to be a Working Girl. In fact, I can't seem to tear myself away, I love this little nook so much!

One of my girlfriends made the cute "cheerful" banner to help me decorate the new space, since cheerful is an attribute she knows I love to (try to) incorporate into both my work and everyday situations. Because a little cheer isn't just for the holidays, you know.

And don't laugh ... but yes, I may have a mild obsession with The Plain White T's. Well, more like with their lead singer Tom. I know, I'm twelve.


Aritza, Goddess .. said...

The office looks wonderful! Wow, congrats on the re-model :) It must feel great to work there!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to pick on you, but I keep seeing this mistake: it is "voila!" not "wah-lah!"

From, your friendly neighborhood French major

P.S. Your new office looks great!

Lawyer Working Girl said...

Very cute! Do you still work in your PJs or do you force yourself to get dressed as if you're going in to an "outside of the home" office?

PR Working Girl said...

haha, thanks Anonymous! I knew there was a better (correct) way to say "voila"!

In response to Lawyer Working Girl, well, to be honest, it's hard breaking the pj's habit. I'd say I stay in my pj's about 50% of the time. And maybe because it's wintertime and it's freezing in the mornings, it just feels extraordinarily nice being in pj's with a warm mug of hot chocolate and in my office working. Like, I must be special or privileged because I get to "go to work" in the most comfy way possible :)