Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year and a New Goal

By In Transition Working Girl

Happy New Year Working Girls. I hope you enjoyed the last several weeks as much as I have, although I am ready to get 2011 started. How about you? Its my last week at my old job and part of me still feels like its 2010, come next Monday though when I walk into my new job, 2011 will be officially here in my book.

Because of the all the craziness of the holidays, combined with a pending move, I hadn't really thought about New Years resolutions until this week. A few days, late, but oh well. Since I spent most of last year trying to figure out what the next steps were for me professionally, this years goals are simple. I have one and its to spend the next year pouring myself into work. For me this means that my new job is numero uno and everything else for the next 365 falls after.

When thinking back about what was missing from my life in 2010 and how out of balance it was, it was clearly the professionally aspect that had everything out of whack. So looking forward now that I have my dream job in hand I want to do everything to prove who I am, to not only to my new employer but to myself.

Just saying I am going to pour myself into my job is not enough and hard to measure results, so here are just a few of the things that I am going to do to attain this goal:
  • Attend networking events (2-3 times a month)
  • Arrive before and leave after my boss
  • Bring in new clients, which is not something I am tasked with, but feel its is important for my new company
  • Obtain additional education certificates/or attend trainings
  • Become the "expert" on something in my new company

So there you have it, while "pouring myself into work" isn't the prettiest goal, for me its everything I didn't have in 2010 and can't wait for in 2011.


Anonymous said...

The coming in before my boss is my goal this year. It will be a hard task, but I can do it!

Anonymous said...

ITWG, I think throwing yourself into your job is a perfect, bright, shiny goal for the new year, as I know how hard you worked to find it.

Like you said, your career being out of wack made everything else out of wack for 2010. I think excelling in your career will help you find balance in everything else.

Lovely said...

great resolutions and good luck! they may be a bit ambitious as you're adjusting to a new job but I hope for you that you get all of them done in 2011!

Lauren said...

Hi there In Transition Working Girl! First, let me say that I love this blog! This is my first time commenting (shy!) but I've been a loyal reader. I always gain inspiration/reassurance from all the working girls!

But I have to say - for the first time ever, something in a post made me go "wait, HUH?!" So now I'm curious...

What exactly is the point/benefit of getting in before your boss, and leaving after your boss? It seems to me that that particular goal has nothing to do with actual productivity/good work, and everything to do with perception? I've been really intrigued by the idea of "results only" work methods. Who cares how long a task takes, or how many hours you put in - isn't it better to be efficient, regardless of the time spent?

I personally think any boss worth admiring would care more about the work you're doing, not the time you're putting in :)

Unrealistic perhaps, but it's worth thinking about! I question the value of face time and would love to hear more from you (and besswess) about what your motivation is on playing the "time game." I mean no offense, I'm just genuinelly stumped!

In case your interest is piqued, here's the site that got me started on rethinking the silly time games we play at work: http://gorowe.com/2010/12/20/hello-2010-goodbye-1952/

In Transition Working Girl said...

Thanks working girls...

Lauren-such great points! I agree with your points and the blog you mentioned is great food for thought...My personal thoughts on coming in before your boss and stay later is purely a little note to your boss to say how dedicated you are. The company I just left made notes of that and during its first round of layoffs small things like who stayed and left early were the little something extra when it came to letting someone go. I personally think its a good habit and shows work ethic because sometimes people will then cut corners. In this economy employers are looking for people who get work done in an efficient manner and look to take on more...Perhaps this would be a good topic to open up on the main working girl blog as a topic?

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