Thursday, March 10, 2011

So, How Am I Doing?

by Lawyer Working Girl

It's that time. I've been with my company long enough to have my first evaluation. I haven't been here a year yet so it wasn't the big yearly evaluation, but it was my initial, post-grace period evaluation. So, how did I do?

When I first got the calendar invitation for my evaluation it wasn't a surprise. I had to fill out a self-evaluation recently so I knew the evaluation was coming. There were several thoughts going through my head. Will my boss's opinion of my performance differ from my own opinion? Will my boss have any negative comments? Will he say I can get a lot more done if I wasn't writing blog posts at work? (Ha, ha. Just kidding, boss.) What questions should I ask?

One thing that I went back and forth on was whether this was the time for me to talk about other opportunities within the company. I have been thinking more about my strengths and weaknesses and what I enjoy doing and how I can incorporate that into my full-time job. I once heard a professional say that you should think of your strengths as the things that make you feel strong and your weaknesses as times when you don't feel so strong. I feel strong when I'm in front of people speaking and when I'm writing. I feel strong when I get to use my leadership skills and interact with other people. I feel weak when...well, you didn't really think I was going to expose my weaknesses to you, did you?

Well, I decided that this probably wasn't the time to talk about other opportunities when I've only been in my position for a few months. I should probably master this position and prove myself before I start throwing out suggestions for new positions.

Back to the actual evaluation. It went very well I'm happy to report! Whew! I ended up only asking one question and that was what can I do to help myself advance? Which areas should I focus on strengthening? And the great thing is that some of the things my boss talked about for my future with the company involve some of my strengths.

That had me thinking about how I'm doing here. Working Girls, I think it's time for my blogging evaluation. Am I writing content that you're enjoying? Is there anything about which you would like to hear more? How can I help you? I believe that blogging should be about an experience for me and for you, so, how can I make your experience more enjoyable?


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying it so far! Keep the posts coming. :-)

Kirby said...

This isn't just an evaluation of you, but of the whole site at the moment. I believe there are about 6 or 7 women that blog for this site, yet there hasn't been a post for over two weeks. I enjoy this blog, but I don't think posting is often or regular enough. Is there no schedule for how often everyone is to post? With this many contributors there should be no shortage of posts.

Lawyer Working Girl said...

Thanks for your comments, Kirby! We definitely try to have regularly scheduled posts, however, sometimes life happens to all of us at the same time. Lol. I know what it's like for me to go to my favorite blogs and not see any new content for days or weeks. Hopefully, the other Working Girls don't mind me speaking for us when we say that we hope to not leave you guys without a post for that long again. Thanks for reading and supporting us!

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