Thursday, March 24, 2011

Balancing Work and Working Out

By: Editing Working Girl

As a fitness freelance writer, I constantly have running on the brain. I am training for my first half marathon now, so usually at work I am planning when I will get out on the road for my medium-long run, or yawning from the tough speed workout the day before.

Working out and working is hard.

At SXSWi two weeks ago, I made a point to go to the GeekFit panel. There, we discussed working out in the workplace – everything from getting your company to help promote fitness in the workplace, learning to stock your kitchen with healthy snacks and even quick workouts to perform at your desk – and we were all there because we have a desire to not only keep ourselves fit, but help others achieve this goal too.

I am definitely one to sit at my desk and eat lunch on occasion, which according to Shape magazine isn’t a good thing. I read yesterday that people who eat lunch at their desks are likely to eat more during the day, because without a break while having lunch they are less likely to remember what they ate and more likely to snack later because of it.

With my race about 22 days away, I am running an average of 20+ miles per week. Although the majority of these miles are put on during the weekend, it still takes a toll trying to have the energy to get out there for a 6-miler after a full day of work.

Because of this, I needed to change the way I thought about running. I needed to look at it as “me time.” Though I run with my training group on Wednesdays and Saturdays, those other runs are for me. They are a time where I can put my music on and sing, dance, think or clear my head. It is when I can focus on my goal and have control over my pace and breathing – when I may not have finished a goal or had total control at work.

Working out shouldn’t be work.

What about you, Working Girls? Do you juggle a fitness schedule with your work schedule? What is your favorite time to work out? On the weekdays, I am a total afternoon worker-outer. If I get up early to run, I am a mess (I really, really enjoy my sleep). On the weekends, I like to get up early and get my run out of the way, so I have the whole day to go to brunch, write and spend time with my boyfriend.

What is your favorite form of exercise? Do you run, take pilates or yoga, swim, etc.? Me? I am obviously a runner. Something I hope to be forever.



Nicole said...

I recently started getting up early before work to get in some cardio. I found it really keeps me energized throughout the day. But, there are some days which if I dont get enough sleep, I'll be dragging my noon. Your body needs to sleep and recover and much as it does exercise. Getting your office in on fitness is awesome!

Angeline said...

I think workplace policies definitely help. At my last job, we had an in-house gym and part-time wellness consultant that were free employees. It was the first time in my life that I worked out regularly. At my current job there are none (not even ergonomics), and I haven't worked out in almost 3 years. I used to go on walks or do fitness DVDs in the evenings with friends, but life circumstances (read: children, houses) have taken away all my workout buddies.

Faith J. said...

I really like your attitude of working out as "me time". It helps give it a more positive perspective. I an fortunate to work at an office where we are compensated for a gym membership, so I joined a gym. It helps me run during the winter. Normally, I am a fair-weather, non-competitive runner.

Priyanka Agrawal said...

I do weights, stretches, and cardio (walking at an elevation).
I recently set up my workstation t o be ergonomically suited and joined yoga class at work!
I totally agree that your workplace has a major role to play in ensuring that work-outs are not work!

Miniskirt Murder said...

Ah I'm training for my first half marathon too! For me, it all depends on my sleep the night before, but lately I feel pretty motivated, so I find myself getting in bed early enough to do that morning run. Amazing how motivation shows up when you're doing something you enjoy :) Good luck at the race!