Monday, June 6, 2011

Foodie Girls

I consider myself a wannabe-foodie. Cooking and eating are two of my favorite things to do. I wish my job could be to watch Food Network all day and I could spend hours in a Whole Foods or at a Farmer's Market. I subscribe to several cooking magazines and own way too many cookbooks.

So I was very excited to see Gourmet Live's list of 5o Women Game Changers on one of my favorite food blogs, The Kitchn. This is where the wannabe part comes in. The only names I knew, apart from Julia Child, were the women with cooking shows on Food Network and Ree Drummond, a.k.a. The Pioneer Women, who I love (love, love, love!) and will soon have her own show on Food Network.

I've watched enough cooking competition reality shows (which obviously makes me an expert) to know that the culinary industry has been a predominately male for a long time. It's exciting to see a strong list of women in the culinary world. They aren't the top women, they are the game changers, which is important to point out.

Julia Child brought French cooking to the American home and Ree Drummond became one of the faces of well-executed food blogging. Did you know that food-critic Gael Greene (you've probably seen her on Top Chef) founded CityMeals on Wheels? They aren't just part of the industry -- they're changing it.


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It's exciting to see a strong list of women in the culinary world.

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