Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heated...Over Mac & Cheese

Last week, my co-workers and I stalked The Southern's mac & cheese food truck because we had heard the their mac & cheese was all sorts of fantastic.

this is the mac & cheese with hot dogs (which is also awesome!)

And let me tell you...that mac & cheese was all sorts of amazing. I got 2 types - the asparagus, ramps & gouda and then a buffalo chicken & blue cheese. Both were great, but I decided to save half of the buffalo chicken and almost all of the asparagus for dinner and then lunch for the next week (truth be told, I was also a little hungover and my eyes were more ambitious than my stomach - whoops!).

Fast forward a few hours, and I decide I have too many errands to do after work so I'm not going to take the mac & cheese home after all. But I see a sign on the fridge - it's fridge cleaning day! So you must label your foods with your name and the word SAVE in large letters. Easy enough. Done and done.

I come back on Tuesday and my mac & cheese - all $18 worth of it - is goneeeeeeeeee. No where to be found. I even looked in the front kitchen just in case. Nope. Gone.

And that's when I got heated about mac & cheese. And the money I spent on the mac & cheese. And how processes at work just don't work!!!! My name and the words "SAVE" were on that bag in very large letters!!! Cue freak out.

To which my one co-worker told me to take a chill pill (so '90's) and just buy McDonald's. Since it's Thursday and I'm still talking about it, I think you can tell I'm not over it.


Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Damn that sucks. This happened to someone at my office too. So apparently, the Southern mac and cheese inspires theft

Sarah said...

I would be mad too!! BTW I now need to check out this Mac and Cheese!

Jamie said...

The Southern mac and cheese is serious business. I would have been mad too!

Crosby Kenyon said...

Office life is sort of like family life, isn't it?

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