Thursday, May 14, 2009

A New Job for Spring?

In New York, we’ve finally had a few steady days of nice-ish weather. Spring is here. In honor of the new season, MSN published “10 Great Jobs to have in the Springtime.” It’s all about being outside and enjoying the wonder feeling we all have after a cold, long winter. Now, I love the warm weather and not having wear tights just as much as the next Working Girl but some of these jobs, well, I don’t think they are that great. At least for me.

1. Sportswriter – I really dislike sports. To me, watching a football game is boring and I’ve been known to cry at Shea Stadium. The fact that my boyfriend actually is a sportswriter means I often have to watch sports, which makes me dislike them more. Sorry, babe!

2. Florist – Perfect job for spring. Not perfect for my seasonal allergies.

3. Meteorologist – I enjoy being right and I do not enjoy it when people are mad at me. Meteorologists are often wrong and there are always people mad at them for being wrong.

4. Landscaping worker – One of the greatest things about being on my own and not living with my parents is that I am not forced into the annual springtime landscaping. I did have a great tactic back then though: act like a “piss-ant” for long enough for my dad and siblings to get annoyed and then be told to go inside and help my mother.

5. Construction worker – I’m pretty great at putting things together. I put together several pieces of IKEA furniture while my boyfriend and WG2 watched TV in the living room (thanks guys!). However, I don’t have the stamina for real construction.

6. Fashion Buyer – Sounds cool, but I have a hard enough time buying clothes for myself. Although, if it were someone else’s money I might have an easier time.

7. College Admissions Counselor – I once considered this career path but after three years of being a college tour guide I got sick of bratty high-school students. Although, the average annual salary of over $98,000 doesn’t sound to shabby.

8. Pest Control Worker – About a month ago, there was a water bug in my apartment. It took me three hours to kill it, my dad was on the phone with me the whole time as I screamed and I made my boyfriend drive from New Jersey at 2 o’clock in the morning to make sure it was really dead under the two phone books and three cookbooks I smashed on top of it. I then walked about the apartment in my rainboots for several days. Yeah, so no on the pest control worker.

9. Housekeeper – I would insert a picture of my bedroom right now but I’m too lazy. Just like I’m too lazy to clean my room.

10. [Baseball Stadium] Vendor – see number 1.


Erienne said...

Perhaps if the weather had stayed Spring-ish I would consider some of these as actual possibilities. Alas, it is cloudy, will probably rain, and I have chosen to stay inside and check craigslist every hour for a new job posting instead. Yay me ; )

Jo said...

Hi Working Girl! You have received an award on my blog!

Soni said...

lol....i completely agree with ur reasons :)

M.J. said...

I notice Web developer is NOT on the list....

Dollface said...

The only one I would possibly consider would be the fashion buyer, and maybe a part time florist... working in sports, no thanks!! xxoo

KitKat said...

I think I'd do most of these jobs over what I'm doing now... And I can't believe the salary on the college submissions counselor! I really do need new job for the spring, so off to job hunt!

Benedict Smith said...

when it's a recession...practically any work is good work.

Lacey said...

I think Spring makes you want to try new adventures -- you know, besides sportswriting.

I just gave you the One Lovely Blog award! Yay!

Lisa said...

I have always wanted to have my own flower shop and become a florist! Seems like such a fun job.

Not so sure about some of the! :)

AprilMarie said...

Ahh, pest control. Must say I laughed hysterically while reading that one. I myself have had a few encounters with scary bugs. (Well, to me a fly is scary). I do the same thing- freak out! I'm such a sissy! I once saw a moth by my front door, and it wouldn't go away. So instead of opening my door and rushing inside, I went back to my car and called my boyfriend to come and kill it. Hahha.

Anna Routh said...

Lame. Lame. And Lamer. I'm not convinced any of these would be cool at all!

christinamg said...

Um ok those jobs do not sound good to me either. No thank you. However, gardening in your own garden or going to a baseball game sound more fun than being a flourist or working at a ballpark! :-) I'd rather enjoy spring that way!!

Elizabeth Kaylene said...

@M.J.: Yeah, what the hell! Being a web designer/developer is perfect for the spring! You don't have to deal with flowers (pretty, but kill me because I'm allergic to everything that lives), but you still get to play with pretty springtime colors!

Practically Perfect... said...

Found you through 20SB. Just became a follower!

Anonymous said...

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