Monday, March 1, 2010

According to Working Girl 2...

Today is a national holiday. What holiday you ask? Well my 25th birthday of course! And as a gift WG2 gave me the day off. Since I choose to celebrate my birthday for the entire month of March I figured I'd share the joy with you! Here are some other great things (besides my birth) that have happened on March 1st...(I especially enjoyed the historical event that occurred on my exact day of birth in '85)

1864 - Rebecca Lee becomes 1st black woman to receive a medical degree

1869 - Postage stamps showing scenes are issued for 1st time

1879 - Library of Hawaii founded

1921 - Australia Cricket team complete 5-0 drubbing of England

1927 - Bank of Italy becomes a Natl Bank

1936 - The Hoover Dam is completed

1937 - 1st permanent automobile license plates issued

1940 - 12th Academy Awards - "Gone with the Wind," R Donat & V Leigh win

1941 - 1st US commercial FM radio station goes on the air

1961 - President Kennedy establishes the Peace Corp

1962 - K-Mart opens

1968 - Singers Johnny Cash & June Carter wed

1977 - Bank of America adopts the name VISA for their credit cards

1980 - Snow falls in Florida

1985 - Liza Minnelli enters Betty Ford Drug Center

1993 - New expansion NHL team, owned by Disney, is named the Mighty Ducks

1996 - New toll-free 888 area code introduced

Not too shabby!


Aeona said...

Happy Birthday!! 25 is a great year!!

Ellen said...

Wow, that's some serious research you did. I love random facts! Hope your quarter-life celebration is a fab one :)

April Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday!!! How fabulous to share a birthday with the mighty ducks and VISA

Jane said...

I'm definitely liking the fact from 1993! Although now the team is just called the Anaheim Ducks. They will always be the Mighty Ducks to me though. :-)

I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Seattle Kim D said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy being 25, I've always felt it's one of the best ages you can be. Old enough people take you seriously and you get discounted car insurance yet still young enough to still have fun.