Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sick of Being Sick

Hello readers! I apologize for posting a day late but I came down with a case of bronchitis after a weekend of hard partying with WG1&2 for our birthdays. I consider myself a very clean conscious person and I wash my hands every chance I get at work after playing on the floor with toddlers. However, this year I just cannot seem to escape the germs! I got my regular flu and H1N1 vaccines, but I still have been stuck in bed (and out of work!) with numerous sinus infections, pink eye (in both eyes at once), and now bronchitis.

So I did some REALLY intense research on how to avoid getting sick at the workplace (I'd ask if you can smell my sarcasm but if you're anything like me your nose is probably too stuffed to smell anything!) and this is what I found..and of course my opinion on each one.

1. Wash our hands often. Done and done.

2. Keep your workspace clean. My workspace includes toys put in mouths, snotty tissues, dirty diapers, and CHILDREN EVERYWHERE!

3. Eat balanced meals every day. Again, no brainer

4. Avoid coworkers who are sick. That's a joke right?

5. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I drink bottles and bottles. Unless its holy water, its not helping!

6. Take frequent breaks throughout the day. And then get fired for child neglect.

7. Use your vacation days. For days when you're too sick to get out of bed?

8. Quit Smoking. I don't smoke, so I'm clear on that one.

I feel like I'm beating a dead horse by posting these pointers, maybe it's because my head is so clogged and every time I cough I think my life is ending. This may be a question for Health Care Working Girl but what are some remedies that you swear by? My sister insists that her Netti Pot can cure any ailment and Airborne is stronger than any prescription drug. Anyone? Suggestions? Help. Please.


Melanie's Randomness said...

I work with 5 men so when one of them gets sick we all get sick, even if I try my hardest to avoid them. lol. Ergo, I'm currently looking for a new job!! lol!

Feel better lady!

lisa said...

Poor you! On top of doing all of these things, I take a daily vitamin C supplement to boost my immune system regardless of whether I'm fighting off a cold or virus. I find that when I remember to pop that pill I get far fewer colds and sniffles. Get well soon!

Northern Girl Southern Living said...

I'm a teacher too, I take probiotics, they put all the good stuff back in your body! I swear it helps!

Anonymous said...

I feel for you. I have been sick for the past week, and so is everyone I know. I am convinced that the rain that hit the Northeast all last weekend gave us all a flu.