Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tweet Tweet

Oh, Twitter, such a love/hate relationship I have with you.

I despise Twitter like I despise cleaning out my cat's litter box or any household chore for that matter. It's always hard to come up with something worthwhile to say. At the same time, though, I'm proud of my Twitter and proud to have it on my resume which just basically shows that I've made an investment in my "personal branding" and that I'm "savvy" (about what, though, I'm not quite sure yet).

For those of you not too familiar with Twitter, in a nutshell, it's a somewhat useful tool that enables you to connect with strangers, corporations and otherwise important figures--either work-related or maybe someone famous, like Ellen--who would probably never, ever communicate with you otherwise. Oh, and because it's in real time and totally public, Twitter makes for a good news feed. It's actually kind of amazing how Twitter's changed the definition of news ... which is something only a PR geek like me would care about!

I attempt to tweet regularly about my clients (mostly any newsworthy stuff) and about PR. Every now and then I'll throw in something personal. My hope is that people who find my clients interesting, PR interesting or me interesting, will follow my tweets, maybe feel prompted to ask me a question or comment/reply, and what would be really awesome, feel inspired in some small teeny tiny way. That last bit might be too much to ask, but why not?

I do have one piece of advice, though: Don't jump on the Twitter bandwagon if you think it's just like updating your status on Facebook. It's not, and no one will care because you're not tweeting to friends, you're tweeting to a curious world. In my opinion, you must tweet with a purpose.

By the way, you can always follow Working Girl on Twitter here.

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Ellen said...

Tweeting with a purpose...many people could learn from that! (I'm talking about YOU, Spencer Pratt!) I don't have the whole Twitter thing down. While I don't update the world on what I had for breakfast/lunch/dinner, I also don't know if I'm news-worthy enough. I tend to link to funny YouTube vids, fashion blogs when I see an outfit I like or recipes I find online. Does any of this have a PURPOSE??