Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Commuting Karma

Karma isn't always a bitch, commuting almost always is. This morning as I commuted to work, I thought about what I might write in a post about commuting, the dos and don'ts of commuting, my biggest pet peeves, etc. Thinking about these things got me irritated and riled up during my commute. I even shoved a girl, yes shoved. Not my proudest moment. I become a completely different person the moment I step off the bus and into the Post Authority. 

After the shove, I heard the "ding dong" sound that indicates that the doors to the 'A' train I was attempting to hop on were closing. One of the first to be waiting for the next train, I stood patiently knowing that I had chosen a spot to stand that would align me with the doors of the train. I soon noticed a man getting closer to the tracks as a train came near, edging closer and closer to coveted spot and as the train stopped he was right next to the door, kindly letting people off. Still riled up from my horrific commuting thoughts, I was heating and wanted to cut him off. I restrained and moved to stand behind him. Just as I was about to give me a mean look, he gestured for me to stand in front of him "First come, first served," he said. 

I immediately felt bad for shoving the girl, almost giving this nice man a mean look, oh and cursing an old lady who was walking slowly. I was reminded that some commuters are kind, not in a rush, and thought maybe all those times I held the door for someone had finally paid off. 

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Anonymous said...

I too have noticed that commuting isn't always the most fun of tasks. Usually it pays off to be nice in the end. And if people don't respect you it will usually bite them in the butt later (a.k.a karma).