Thursday, January 31, 2008

Let's Play a Game...

It’s called…’Guess When WG2 Was More Accomplished: In College or In the Workplace?’

1. In college, WG2 was an editor at her college newspaper where she edited up to 10 articles a week (and even wrote some too!). In the workplace, WG2 secretly edits her own blog posts (and sometimes thinks writing two a week seems like a daunting task).

2. In college, WG2 dutifully attended five courses each semester and took lengthy notes. In the workplace, WG2 falls asleep at meetings and doodles on her to-do list.

3. In college, WG2 barely had time to roam the Internet unless it was to research papers on Irish politics or Native-American literature. In the workplace, WG2 spends most her time reading Perez and scoping out other sites that will help her avoid doing work.

4. In college, WG2 went to class hung over or still drunk, and while she was not a pleasant sight, it did not affect her work. In the workplace, WG2’s co-workers have ridiculed her for days on end for her inability to complete work after a night of wine-tasting.


1) In college

2) In college

3) In college

4) In college

In college, I was an accomplished editor, student, and more importantly could drink WG1’s boyfriend under the table.

In the workplace, I’m lazy. Which I blame on boredom and a lack of tasks to do daily. So, it seemed fitting that I ask for a promotion.


Anonymous said...

I like games!

Working Girl One said...

when did you and my boyfriend ever try to out drink one another?

Working Girl Two said...

i'm game if he is.

Ad Girl said...

Let's be serious WG1 and WG2 - you both know Ad Girl would win that game.

Just Jasmine said...

LOVE IT! So, so true it is scary. And to think we used to get all excited about leaving collage and beginning our careers - pah!

BrightCrayon said...

Frank Warren of PostSecret is on tour soon!! Check out his dates. I am so at IWU in November!!

Miss Tiffany Phan said...

Reading this post makes me really want to go back to my college this fall! Your college experience seems like it was very fun and you sounded very involved!
I would love to be involved like you did and write for the school newspaper and join student congress!

Please visit my blog for more information on my situation.

I love your blog!