Sunday, January 27, 2008

There is Something About Sunday Night that Really Makes You Want to Kill Yourself

It's Sunday night, right around seven, and in twelve hours I will begin yet another work week. And this week I will be hitting the eight month mark. For the most part, for the past eight months, I have gone to work, done my job, and once I'm out the door have not let work stress me out.

That has changed. I'm having dreams about work and people at work. My mind is consumed with thoughts about work. Oh, and I'm breaking out, which really makes me feel great.

I'm stressed and dreading this week for a few reasons.

One of my bosses is on vacation in Aruba, leaving me with her workload during the layout of our April issue. I'm beyond stressed out about this because last time she went on vacation we were working on the layout of the September issue. I had been working for, maybe, a few weeks and I royally screwed up, told clients some things I didn't know I wasn't supposed to say, and got throw under the bus by my boss (that story is for another post). I learned my lesson that time, but I'm still not looking forward to it this week.

My other boss, my Facebook friend boss, resigned two weeks ago. She's leaving to work at another magazine in the company. This week is her last week. We are currently working on her turnover report by printing account sheets, proposals, and e-mails and putting them into binders. I think I'm single-handedly destroying the environment. Putting together turnover reports is quite a task, but not nearly as time-consuming as taking on her workload starting a week from tomorrow. Also, I'm bummed she's leaving. Really bummed. I even cried a little when she told me.

Finally, on Friday I got quite the bomb dropped on me. An additional sales rep has been hired, and guess who is going to be her assistant? Moi! Our associate publisher informed me of this at 3:00 PM on Friday. And like a true salesman, he completely sold me on it. He buttered me up, told me how great I was at my job, that he always hears great things about me, that I could handle anything throw at me. Then he threw it at me. I left his office feeling OK about it. "It is what it is," I thought. My boss (Facebook friend boss) wasn't too thrilled and made me realize I got sold. The weekend has given me time to think about how much my workload is going to change and how much more difficult it's going to be to assist three people. Because of this change in my job description, I'm going to be doing something I never thought I'd do in a sales assistant position...but more to come on that.

So, that is why I'm stressed. And why I've been eating cookies and watching America's Next Top Model all day.


Kerry said...

yay for america's next top model marathons & cookies
you'll be fine--i'm sure it will pay off very soon!

Diane said...

oddly enough i spent my sunday doing those very same activities.

BrightCrayon said...

Ditto to diane. My roommate and I both.