Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hi, I'm Working Girl One and I'm a Sales Assistant.

("Hi, Working Girl One").

I don't know how I got here. But I did. So, Let's go back, back to the beginning.

At career day in preschool, while my friends were in fire fighter and nurse outfits, I wore my Care Bear pajamas. I wanted to be Funshine Bear when I grew up. Thankfully, that phase didn't last long.

Ten years later, I decided to take a different path. Childcare. I was a mother's helper, a babysitter, a nanny. I did it all and I'd do it all over again. But my adventures in babysitting are for another time, another blog.

So how did I become a Sales Assistant?

I guess it started the summer Working Girl Two and I were tour guides for our University. Yeah, we were pretty cool. That summer we came up with an idea for a magazine, something we could do on our own, work for ourselves, be our own bosses.

We started working for the school newspaper. We just keep getting cooler here at Working Girl, and I devoted my entire spring semester to finding the perfect summer internship at a magazine. After writing more cover letters than I can count and sending my CosmoGirl! cover letter to TeenPeople (a big Working Girl no-no), I scored a phone interview at a new Hearst magazine and a real-life interview at one of the country's best selling magazines. I came close to getting both, at least that's what they told me. Both of those opportunities were editorial internships and when nothing was working out for the summer and I had already paid to live at NYU for the summer, I took up my uncle's offer of working at the financial business company where he worked.

Out of nowhere, well not really nowhere but we'll save that for a blog post about taking every internship/job lead you get, I got a marketing internship at one of the leading women's lifestyle magazines and loved it. I loved the brainstorming, the creating, the events, the planning. As much as I loved it, I felt I still had to try editorial and I did. During my senior year, I interned at one of the magazines I had previously interviewed for. I didn't enjoy that editorial experience but I still enjoyed writing and editing for the school newspaper.

My internship experience and experience at the paper only made me more confused about what I wanted to do with my life. Upon graduation, I was determined to have a job lined up. Again, I devoted a great deal of my time to more and more cover letters. I applied for marketing positions, editorial positions, sales positions, media buying positions, everything.

One morning, again almost out of nowhere, about two weeks before graduation, I received an e-mail from a coworker from my summer internship. She said they needed a sales assistant and I'd be perfect for it. It all worked out and here I am, sending issues to advertisers, answering phones, filling out proposals, and trying to figure out if I like it enough to make it my career.


new(york)comer said...

Working Girl- I love it! You'll do so well with this, it's a great idea for a resource.

Kerry said...

You go girl

Sean's Internet Website said...

Hey M___, I think! I can relate to everything you said. Even the girl part. I've never been more confused than when I had a dream-come-true internship that sucked. It's tough out there, in heels.

I'm writing now but getting paid as little as possible, which I'll save for a blog about how wonderful it is to be able to spend your weekly check at CVS in about 10 minutes.

Good luck, I'll check this place regularly.

Toomerdog said...

I love the answer to your title...."Hi Working Girl!" I get it !
Congrats, keep up the good work. Remember that since you created this resource...many will be counting on you! Glad there are two of you!
GO Working Girls! Go FAR!!!

Yvonne said...

excited to see that you are starting a blog! looking forward to read about your adventures...