Thursday, February 4, 2010

Go Go Gadget

Sleek laptops, phones that do everything but take out the trash, a World Wide Web ready to return thousands of options to any old random search for information . . . Working Girls today have it made! It wasn't that long ago that telephone had big spinning dials and a computer filled an entire room (yet still did not have the computer power of even the cheapest cell phone today). I heard one horror story about having to cut and paste (literally, with scissors and paste) advertisements by hand. Can you imagine such nonsense today, in 2010, in the land of Kindle?

Last year, I became the proud owner of an iPhone and just months later, I'm wondering how I survived without it. There's no doubt that technology and all the gadgets it spawns have completely changed the working landscape, allowing us to work smarter, faster and less expensively while creating new career paths and shaping our way of life.

Here are just a few electronic marvels that every Working Girl should have on her "must have" list.

  1. Quick Charge – Throw your cellphone, bluetooth, MP3 player or camera onto its surface for instant charging. No wires, no need to plug anything in! My girls thinks it’s magic! Retailing around $100 bucks, its practical and affordable. For charging on the go, the RCA AirEnergy unit converts the WiFi antenna signal to DC power to recharge its own internal lithium battery, so it automatically recharges itself whenever the device is anywhere near a WiFi hotspot. If you have a wireless network at home the AirEnergy would recharge overnight virtually anywhere in your home. When you need to recharge your phone or other device you plug the AirEnergy battery in via USB to transfer the charge.

  1. A Digital Notepad – Do you prefer to hand write but don’t because you need to store you data electronically? Can’t afford a tablet PC? Will, note takers of the world, your solution has arrived. Whatever you write on the Digimemo Digital Notepad, you can download via USB to your computer for filing, storing or printing! Also going for around a palatable $100.

  1. Turn-by-Turn Directions – Face it Working Girls. Time is money so don’t waste it wandering around aimlessly searching for a destination. Its 2010. Go ahead and get a GPS! Garmin and Tom Tom both has decent models that do the job between $120 and $150. Even if you have GPS on your cell phone, having a freestanding GPS just makes sense. Even if you have a GPS app on your cell phone, it’s just makes sense.

  1. Webcam/Headset – I’m still amazed at how many Working Girls are not taking full advantage of the time and money saving aspects that the internet can bring. With the aid of a webcam and headset (which isn’t necessary if you have a build in microphone), the internet transforms into a powerful networking tool that allows you to place calls for free or really (really) cheap, hold online meetings, create videos for YouTube and social networking sites and, of course, keep in touch with family and friends. Webcams range in price from around $50 into the hundreds with varying features and functions. There’s one to fit every budget and need. For shooting video away from the computer, the Flip is a winner with its High Def video quality, portable, user friendly design and, most importantly, affordable price. You can get one with a with 2 hours worth of memory for $129.

What are some of the gadgets that YOU just can't live without?


Melanie's Randomness said...

I remember back in the 90's when everyone didn't have cell-phones but Omg now I can't imagine working without out!! I love my webcam too!!

P.T said...

I swear by my Berry Berry!! Ditched an iPhone for a Blackberry...but first I sold a G1 for an iPhone. I prefer buying gadgets to shopping for clothes! :(

Pathetic but I'm well caught up too...Your list hit it on the head...

Now all I'm waiting on is some kind of invention that irons my clothes, makes my bed and cooks for me (from scratch!!)...mmmm...nah not a man but a machine! LOL

Anonymous said...

Like P.T, I cannot imagine my life without a Blackberry! I am so obsessed with it. I also feel the same way about my iPod touch .... I don't have it right now and it's killing me!!!

LOL, I am prolly thinking the same way about an netbook too. I am going to get one of those, too.

Marcia said...

My laptop! Second in place is my iPod Nano. My cellphone I hardly use actually, so I can do without that one if I have to.
But my laptop is a keeper! :-)

KR said...

my sanity would go out the window if i ever had to go a day without my blackberry! it has become such a crutch to me...

Corporate Chickee said...

I have a love-hate relationship with email and texting. At times it's fantastic, at times I just wish people would communicate the old-fashioned way!

In a previous job, a few years ago, I had to cut checks manually with a typewriter. I got laughed when I asked how to use it!

Typewriters are not my generation, people! :)