Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sit and be fit

Yes, my post today is inspired by the sensational senior fitness show on PBS. The Sit and Be Fit woman is one smart lady, let me tell you. I only wish I had her dedication. Because honestly, I think I’m going to need it.

At my office, there is never a shortage of donuts, candy, cookies and chocolate. You name it, you can find it there. Whether it’s free cookie day or someone's birthday, I never have to travel far to satisfy my sweet tooth. Not to mention the Christmas candy I still have stashed in my desk drawer (shameful, I know).

But last Friday, after one too many large frosted Valentine’s Day sugar cookies and the ensuing sugar-coma stomachache, I realized it was time for me to shape up or ship out. And since I can’t go a day without chocolate, I decided to suck it up and start working out (one of my least favorite pastimes).

The only problem is that I have NO idea when to squeeze in workouts during the week. I’m gone every day from 7:30am to 6:30pm, and when I get home, I eat dinner, watch a little TV (I need my Modern Family, Office and Bachelor fixes!) and then go to bed. Sure, I could get up extra early to work out, but I love to sleep. And I am most definitely NOT a morning person.

So that’s when I started thinking about Sit and Be Fit (maybe I shouldn’t admit that). I spend most of my day sitting at my desk hunched over like a lump, but who says I have to? Isn’t there a way I could fit exercises into my workday? I did a little Google investigating and discovered some very fascinating work-based exercise sites…

5 Minute Office Workout—MSN created this cool, interactive site with a bunch of great workouts led by Bob Harper (of Biggest Loser fame). Some of these require some equipment (like a baby…weird), but they’re pretty handy. Plus, it offers step-by-step guides and lunch tips. Yum!

Desktop Yoga—For those of you looking for a more inconspicuous workout, take a breather with yoga poses you can easily do at your desk. They’ll help you feel refreshed, control your breathing and release built-up tension. Happy stretching!

Desk Exercises—This straightforward site lets you choose the area you want to target and then gives you a variety of detailed instructions on how to work that area…at work. It offers quick fitness solutions to common trouble areas, which are sure to be helpful. Say goodbye to a pain in the neck!

Hopefully your coworkers won't think you're too weird when you're spotted doing sit-ups or lifting babies in your cubicle. So go ahead and have fun getting fit at work. After all, it's like getting paid to exercise...right?


EmilyBill said...

I know what you mean about the food at work! Everytime you turn around we have food to celebrate some occasion. Today it was King Cake for Mardi Gras. When I first started working there I gained ten pounds, which luckily, I have since lost!

Melissa said...

Replace your desk chair with a stability ball. It will help work your core while you work all day. Talk about multitasking!

Seattle Kim D said...

I know what you mean, my old agency was constantly stocked with every unhealthy food known to man (whether it was leftover froma meeting or a gift from a rep, it got ridiculous!) I totally understand your lack of time, but if you were interested, most gyms have tv's set up that you can plug your headphones into, so if there's a show I really want to watch, I'll get there 15 minutes early and stake out a spot on the elliptical and kill two birds with one stone. Your links are great though, I am totally saving these for once I am happily employed again.

Corporate Chickee said...

Are you able to sneak out to a gym on your lunch hour? Even if you can walk a treadmill for 20 minutes - it's better than nothing! (And if you just walk at a brisk pace, no running, you might even manage to not sweat very much at all!)

Also - about the office goodies... I have a "personal policy" to not eat the office treats. That means candy jars, when people bring in cookies, brownies, etc. Birthday cakes I might occasionally make exceptions for... I mean, I am human! But, knowing that you're not going to eat all the little stuff helps.

Especially when other people in the office know that you don't eat all the little goodies - then it's like you can't slip up or they'll know!


Freck said...

Have you thought about working out at lunch? I know a lot of people in my office do it, I personally can't see myself doing it, but some people love it!

Lindsay Vastola - Your trainer said...

I completely understand! When I was working at my corporate job in NYC, even with a gym in the same building, I was always too exhausted to workout (and forget going before work!). So when I left that job and started my personal training company, I vowed to design workouts and meals, etc. that would work just for us working girls and our crazy schedules! I've posted some quick workouts if you gals want to check them out http://bodyprojectfitness.blogspot.com/p/bp-workouts.html.

Also-there's a really useful book I read (or Audio!) is Mindless Eating - it will help with the "mindless" eating at the office!

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