Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Daze

At the mere mention of “winter storm warning”, I become giddy with anticipation. I wish, I hope and I pray for a snow day, just like a little kid.

It starts the night before—I always have a hard time falling asleep as I plan all the fun things I can do on my unexpected day off. And when I wake up the next day, it almost feels like Christmas morning. I eagerly leap out of bed before my alarm goes off and run to the window, my snow day hopes flying high.

But as soon as I see the snowflakes, I remember that I’m now a working girl. And a snow day in the corporate world would pretty much NEVER happen—especially where I live. But I still can’t help feeling a tiny bit of hope every time. And a bit of envy (teacher friends, you are SO lucky!)

For me, snow days are a thing of a past. Instead, I get to look forward to the intense thrill ride that is my commute to and from work on snowy days. On the way home tonight, I fish-tailed all over the entrance ramp to the highway. Nothing’s more exhilarating than losing control of your car! Or not. I don’t know why more companies don’t call for snow days—sometimes the driving is way too treacherous to be out and about. My hands were cramped from gripping the wheel so hard. Yikes.

But the thing that always lifts my melted little spirits on my non-snow days is reading the list of closings and cancellations. Have you ever really looked at the names? They’re hilarious. My personal favorite is the Swingin’ Senior Singles Meet-up (hey, it beats bingo). And The Future of America Preschool (now that’s pressure). Or what about Little City Kids (I feel like that isn’t very PC)? But some of the places really bug me, like Kidz Development Center and Kinder Korner. Those names are just WRONG. I certainly will never send my kids to a place that intentionally misspells its name to be cute. (Sorry, that’s my biggest pet peeve. Moving on…)

Sigh. I miss snow days. And clearly I spend way too much time at work thinking about this.

In other news, my class “speech” went so well! Thanks for all the advice! Though I think I said, “Oh yeah, good times” at least 10 times. Nothing like a catchy verbal crutch, right? And when someone asked me what activities I did in college, I couldn’t really remember. How sad is that? I went from feeling like I was still a student to feeling like I was totally ancient. Whoa. But my old professor said it went really well and the kids asked a lot of questions, so the time flew by.

So what’s on your mind? Any thoughts on snow days? Or the weather? Or absurd pet peeves, like mine? Feel free to share!


Melanie's Randomness said...

I live about 20 minutes outside of NYC in Rockland County. I'm getting ready for the snow too. I really hope it snows tonight so my boss cancels for tomorrow. I really don't want to have to go to work & pray that they let us go home before it gets to bad. Yeah snow reminds me that I have a job.

eemusings said...

It doesn't snow where I live, so no snow days or warnings for us!

OMG, that is definitely our catchphrase when we recall our school days - "good times!" Haha.

Miss E said...

It doesn't snow where I live either, but snow days do sound like fun! In Australia, we're more likely to have extreme heat days, which aren't fun at all! I'm glad your speech went well!

Freck said...

"Swingin’ Senior Singles Meet-up"?! Hilarious!! I miss snow days, too :( The city is BLANKETED in snow and we still didn't get a snow day!!

JadeLD said...

Yeah I know what you mean, my snow days are only replaced with work from home days now thanks to laptops and internet! At least I don't have to face the drive in when it's that bad!

I agree the spelling of some schools is uncalled for!

Liryc's pRHOfyle (Ms.Liryc) said...

I love snow days (I'm a teacher) When I found out yesterday that school was going to be closed I jumped for joy at the notion that I didn't have to be up at 5:30 to trudge through the snow to get to work, and have to endure the slosh again when I was coming home. What I'm hoping for is that the snow falls so much we are closed again tomorrow.. but that might be a stretch.

The good thing is that we're off next week for winter break... I think every company in NYC should adopt this schedule.. it keeps everyone refreshed and ready to work. IMHO

Corporate Chickee said...

Glad your speech went well!! I know what you mean about snow days... in the midwest corporate world, there is just no such thing!

Last year when I lived in a condo with a detached garage, my garage door froze shut and I couldn't get to my car! So I had to call a worker to pick me up on her way to work. That's the thing about the working world - if you want a snow day, you better be willing to part with a vacation day!

Ellen said...

I work from home, so snow days don't really apply to me, but my sister has the day off from work, and it is SO nice having someone here during the day. I get lonely!

Just did a post on pet peeves this am!


Playful Professional said...

You should be wishing that you lived in DC now. My office has never closed for snow before, and I'm on my fourth snow day in a row. The office has been closed since last Thurs since nobody can get anywhere. It's been great!

Kate said...

No snow in the Uk so business as normal for us. I miss snow days!

Kate xx

tee said...

Snow days are pretty much non-existent here in NYC. There's forever a "life must go on" attitude; no matter how early you get up the streets and your walkway will be plowed. Add that to fact that the majority of people travel to work via subway which, obviously, never has to take weather into account means that everything is up and running. Just a little more slowly if anything.

Anonymous said...

I'm a teacher, so I still pray for snow days...and I got 4 of them this week...wa-hoo! I do feel a tad bit bad for those of you in the corporate world who have to go to work in all this crap :(

secretz01 said...

I Actually Had a Work from Home Snow Day! But I also put together a few special items for a few friends who are in the same working girl boat! Those of us who dread the snow because we still have to go! Check it out!