Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pop! Goes my Valentine Ego

If there was only one Super Bowl ad that really spoke to working girls this year, it would have to be Teleflora's laugh-out-loud funny "talking flowers" ad.

Now we all know Valentine's Day is tomorrow. And if I don't say so myself, I think the men got off easy this year. Because I mean, let's admit, we all want to be "that girl" at work whose man gets her a gorgeous array of flowers delivered to her desk on Valentine's Day, right? It could even be from mom, a roommate, a random cute stranger a la romantic comedy plot cliche ... who cares!

But with Valentine's Day on a Sunday this year, is it still required of guys to send their gals flowers a little early on Friday, just so that she can feel special in front of all her work friends? Do guys even think ahead like that, or is it just me? Some of us even had Friday off for President's Day. So what then, a Thursday delivery? Way too early, in my opinion. And the marketing side in me is also asking, well, Teleflora Marketing Dept, was your ad really worth the $2.5-$2.8M for 30 seconds of air-time when it happens to be the one year guys can technically get away with not sending anything at all?

Well, at any rate, Teleflora's ad was very effective in sticking in my mind and creating a perception that flowers in a box are lousy. (A real bummer, yeah?)

It's my husband who didn't get the message.

So my birthday was Thursday. Hubs, as sweet as he is, has gotten into a little habit of combining these two uber-major holidays into one since they're only three days apart. What will typically happen is that he'll get me flowers delivered to work on my birthday which end up lasting through Valentine's Day, so when all's said and done, on Valentine's Day I still have flowers on my desk. And bragging rights.

(I guess I can't blame him and expect two flower deliveries within three days, can I? Although one can only hope ...)

Back to Thursday. So as my team and I were headed out for my birthday lunch, we notice a box at the reception desk. At first, some of the girls (myself included) were all, "Aww! Someone got flowers!" when almost immediately, the conversation turned to the Teleflora Super Bowl ad and how hilarious it was, and, kinda true. In no time, not a single one of us was jealous anymore of whoever those flowers were for.

Skip to post-lunch and we're walking back into the office. Guess what's on my desk?

I wanted to feel happy, excited and special, but um, they're flowers in a box ... Awkward!

The girls got a huge kick out of this and gathered round while I opened the box to see if indeed they were dead and smelly. For a second, I thought for sure I'd hear some snarky comments coming from the box, "Is he your cousin or didja meet him in prison?"

Well, they weren't dead, they were nice. Although they were a little on the wilty side, and the roses were not your top of the line roses, you know, the huge must-be-on-steroids-looking kind of roses.

I still felt special ........ Especially since I told Hubs not to get me flowers this year to save some cash. Awwwwww. It's still the thought that counts.

Tell us your Valentine's Day work stories! Would love to hear them.


~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

It would be sad and terrible that a stinking commercial could taint your appreciation of the gesture your husband made for you.
It's a harder line they walk once we're married...they have to watch their spending because you're going to know what they spent on the gift eventually...not like when you were dating. So props to him for economically sending you a beautiful bouquet in a time when we're all looking for ways to save some cash. :)

Anonymous said...

The fact that V-day is on a Sunday this year does make it a little easier for all the single ladies out there. Not that we don't love our friends who have amazing, loving boyfriends who send them flowers at work...we're just jealous, bitter and envious of them on this particular day ;)

Seattle Kim D said...


Amy said...

My husband sent me flowers to work every day last week. Yep...Monday through Friday. It was a little excessive but sweet :)

Katie said...

I think any flowers are great flowers! And, I think if guys felt less pressure to be perfect gift givers, they'd do it more.

I work from home most of the time now, so hubby is off the hook in that department. Though, when I did work in an office, I think he always liked to avoid the Valentine's cliche and never sent flowers on the actual day. Instead, he'd surprise me on random days in the summer with flowers or cards. Guess he's a keeper ;).

Corporate Chickee said...

My husband sent me pro-flowers on Friday, too! I was the only person in the office who got any sort of flower delivery... so everyone was still "oohing and awing" at them regardless.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to take them home with me or leave them here to enjoy them all week - I left them here. Over the weekend someone closed the door to my sauna-like office, and when I came in this morning they were completely wilted! I was so mad that someone closed my door that I dropped an f-bomb to my friend at work - thinking we were the only two in the office... just as my boss turned the corner.

Now, not only am I bummed at my destroyed flowers... I'm terrified of the consequences of my reaction!! Wish I could crawl under my desk right now....

luckygirl said...

my boyfriend sent flowers to work on friday. i work in a really small office so it was slightly embarrassing but also very sweet. carrying the 3foot arrangement home on the bus was a tad challenging but still very sweet!

JadeLD said...

My boyfriend bought me flowers, 12 red roses, and gave me them on Sunday. When I lived away he had flowers delivered, they were boxed but healthy when arrived and they even came in a vase. I really appreciated the thought.

Lindsey Marie said...

For Christmas, my boyfriend got me flowers from 1-800-Flowers because he got a coupon for them. Normally he gets them from the floral shop in town, which are always gorgeous, but I have to admit this bouquet was beautiful too. They were the only ones I've ever received in a box, so maybe I just got lucky. I still prefer the fresh from down the street kind, though :)

Sarah said...

On Friday I got a barber shop quartet to sing to me 2 songs and they gave me a rose, chocolates and tickets to their concerts. It was so sweet and everyone was taking pictures, etc. My boyfriend had been planning it for weeks before even going to the trouble of emailing all of my co-workers, my boss and the receptionist to pull this off for me. It was so incredibly sweet. :) The weekend was great too because we were able to get away for the weekend and just relax!

Nicole at Teleflora said...

What a great story! It really is the thought that counts, but you're right, it would've felt a touch more special if it were already arranged by a professional, I think. :)

Thanks for sharing, it was really fun to read and also brought your blog to my attention, which is exciting, too!

Nicole at Teleflora said...

Oh nuts. As I look, I realize I put the last commenters' name on instead of yours, PR Working Girl! My brain still isn't working quite right after the onslaught that was Valentine's Day for us. *Doh* Sorry!!

Ellen said...

Getting flowers at work is funny. It's exciting, but I also get embarrassed because I feel like I'm showing off in some way. Is that normal?

Darren Johnson Family said...

I only get flowers when I have a baby. Maybe that's why we're going to have so many kids. J/K. I think any flowers are a great gift no matter what time of year.

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