Monday, October 4, 2010

New Month, New Me!

First I'd like to apologize for not posting in about a month. With the recent cancer diagnosis of my dear friend I have been trying to be as supportive to her as possible and it keeps me away from the computer (which sometimes can be a good thing once in a while). So anyway I will make my update short and sweet, so you can finally relax knowing that I am alive and well!

1. In honor of October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I'd share this story.. My friend is doing very well, thank you all for your supportive comments and notes and inspirational stories. I got my hair cut the other day and they were doing an interesting fundraiser called Hair for Hope. You donate $10 and get a free pink hair extension. Since I am not working right now, that story is next, I decided to go for it. If I could post a picture, or knew how to blur out my face, I would be happy to share it. Anyway, I thought this was a cute and different way to show support for those affected by the disease. It is also a great conversation starter--trust me. Check it out here. Also, just a suggestion, if you know any young/teenage girls, show this to them. It may inspire the next great trend in fundraising.

2. I left my job at the preschool where I was teaching/directing. It was a wonderful school and I loved loved loved the children and other teachers, but I got an opportunity of a lifetime and couldn't turn it hear more about it, read on!

3. I am moving on Tuesday to New Zealand where I will live and teach for 3 months. I know, seems crazy, but trying to find a teaching job in a public school right now is just not for me! I researched volunteer projects and found one that was flexible with time (I didn't want to be away that long) and involved something I love (teaching young underprivileged children in a foreign country) So although some may think I am running away from the difficult job-searching that has been my life, it is just a change I need right now that will hopefully give me a more positive attitude about working (and life) when I return

4. I solemnly swear to try to post as often as possible when I am away. I will keep your updated on my whereabouts, stories about my job, and traveling tips!

Thank you all for understanding why I have been out of touch and I apologize and look forward to sharing my new adventures with you!


Melanie's Randomness said...

What a great way to show support for Breast Cancer month! If I knew where to go for Hair for Hope I would donate. I've had breast issues not cancer but I still love to support.

New Zealand? What an adventure! Good luck & Best wishes!!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes in New Zealand!

Alison Joy said...

Best wishes in New Zealand! I am a preschool teacher living in New Jersey as well and completely understand where you are coming from about the job search. So hard! I wish I had the guts to do what you are doing. Proud of you and best of luck!

Tatum said...

i would love a pink streak in my hair! i checked out the website, but it looks like a list of participating salons has yet to be announced? best of luck in New Zealand, that's amazing.

The Girlie Blog said...

Sorry about your friend. What a great opportunity to go to New Zealand! Hope you have a great time there!

The Girlie Blog

Luna said...

thats an interesting change to make. sometimes despite needing to work the best thing for some people would be to quit their job and find something else to do even if its for a shirt time. i wish you luck in new zealand, its sounds like a great opportunity and a good way to travel for a bit. hope to hear from you again soon about how its going.

Erin said...

Congrats! I am waiting in anticipation to hear everything possible about your new adventure.

Also, let your friend know she is always in my thoughts. I'm sending best wishes out in the universe for her in hopes that it does some good.