Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cruel Summer

by Working Girl One

Remember summer vacations?

I don't think I've had a proper summer vacation since the summer between my junior and senior years of high school. But even when I was working my Working Girl tush off to earn money for college, I at least had a full week off to spend at the Jersey Shore with my family.

(And no, where we go is NOT AT ALL like Jersey Shore you see on MTV.)

This summer, no such vacation will be happening for this girl. At my new company, I have two weeks vacation that earn over the course of the year. And I haven't earned much of it yet. At my last company, I had earned three weeks. I tried to negotiate for another week but being unemployed and all didn't really give me the upper hand. To top that off, at my new job we have two busy seasons and one happens to be during the summer.

So instead of enjoying a full week off, I'll spend the two weekends that cover my family's trip with them and the boyfriend and I have a wedding to attend and a short weekend trip planned. A few mini-vacations in better than nothing, right?


Amy said...

I can't remember my last real summer vacation either. This year is the closest I've had to the real thing since probably high school...we booked the first week of July off and are renting a cottage at the beach for that week. Should be nice and relaxing :)

Usually I take a couple long weekends in the summer and then spend them road tripping somewhere so it's fun but gives you zero time to unwind. I go back to work feeling like a zombie.

Katie said...

I read an article in Prevention Magazine recently that stated that multiple short vacations are actually better for your mental health than one that uses up most of your vacation days.

The idea behind it is that the time you spend looking forward to taking the trip increases your happiness substantially. The happiness that comes from taking the actual trip is about the same regardless of the vacation's length. So the more trips you take, even if they're short, the happier you'll feel!

Suz said...

I am currently working as a contractor for a large company. The first year I got NO vacation or sick days. Nothing at all. This year I get 5 paid days off. It is killing me, but I am hoping it will all be worth it when/if I get hired on (usually after 2-3 years). Then I will get 4 weeks. But never ever again will I get myself in this situation. Time off is very important for sanity! Thank goodness for summer hours (get out at noon on Fridays) so I can take weekend trips!

Anonymous said...

I wish the best for you

B said...

I've earned SIX weeks vacations. The cruel, cruel part is that I can't actually AFFORD a vacation because they pay me crap and won't let me "cash-in" my vacation days.

Oh, and we're too busy (with too little staff) for me to even have time for 2 weeks off!

Anonymous said...

Better mini vacation than no vacation I say! My fiance is working with me on vacations this summer (because I will extremely busy), and we'll be in and out this summer on weekends.

A weekend in Rome would be ideal, but I can cope with a weekend at Point Pleasant.


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