Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gettin' the Itch

I feel like I start to get itchy around this time every year. Usually the itch is to change something small - maybe my hair, my wardrobe, the furniture in my apt.

This year, I've started to get itchy about everything. Literally all of it. And I've been particularly itchy about my living situation. As in, do I want to continue living in Chicago.

To people who know me well this probably isn't a surprise. I moved to Chicago almost 3 years ago from New York to be closer to my family. And while I now am closer to my family, I'm also far away from my college friends - and to me these are the kind of friends that know me inside and out. I was back in New Jersey earlier this summer for a friend's wedding and my friends and I had one of the best weekends - no drama, lots of laughing, drinking and reminiscing.

After I got home all I wanted to do was be back out east. I immediately booked a trip to Boston in August to go visit everyone. And really started to consider if I wanted to move back east.

When I moved out here originally, the plan had always been to move back east eventually. Chicago was meant to be a re-centering of sorts - I wanted to get back on track financially, back on track with my family and friends from high school, and back to a good place of mind. And I feel as though I'm at that place now.

But does that warrant a move back to New England? I'm not sure.

But what I do know is that I'm ready to move on from my company. I've been at my current job now for almost 3 years. I love my co-workers to death. They are literally my best friends in Chicago. I love my boss. But I really think it's time I got my career moving forward instead of sideways and unfortunately I'm stuck sideways at this company right now.

So while I try and figure out if Boston is right for me, I've started the job search here in Chicago to help my job itches. Maybe all I need to help satisfy these urges is a new job and new challenges. Or maybe I'll find what I really need is a new city with old friends.


Ms. Attitude said...

Good luck with your search! I am itching for a new living environment as well.

Lauren said...

Hi there - I so know what you mean about "the itch." It's the exact word I've used to describe similar feelings.

This is totally random, but have you ever heard of the site Stratejoy? It deals with the idea of the "quarter life crisis," and it totally gives me sanity when I'm feeling restless and unfocused. I'm not even affiliated with the site, I just thought I'd pass it on since it's a lifesaver for me!

Now that I read through this, it stinks of potential spam. I promise it's not :)

Anonymous said...

I'm also going to plug a blog I love: MWF seeking BFF...maybe what you need is local BFF so you can have those fun, relaxed weekends you hanker for in Chicago :)

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Get some time to spend your free hours outside, have a social life.

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