Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meeting Notes

Stories, news and other important tidbits Working Girls should know. Here are a few things to glean from this work week:
  • Men lost more jobs than women during the recession and now they gaining more jobs in the recovery. 768,000 jobs to be exact, according to a Pew Research Study. Researchers couldn't account for the difference but the Huffington Post has an idea why. [Huffington Post]
  • We've shared our love for Bethenny Frankle before -- and plan to do so again, soon. The girls at HelloGiggles are also fans, naming her She-Ro of the Week. [HelloGiggles]
  • Woman fired for not dying her gray hair? Not cool, boss, not cool. [Houston Chronicle]
  • A few weeks ago on Meeting Notes, we shared 33 Ways to Stay Creative. Here is a fun -- and creative -- video of 29 very similar ways:


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