Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Stiletto Glamazons

All my friends can attest to the fact that I am an impulse shopper. I see something I like and I usually end up buying it. I can't help myself (especially if you set me loose in Target). 

I'm even worse really bad when it comes to buying shoes. They are my Achilles heel of shopping. Show me a cute shoe and I'm a goner. Uncomfortable? That's okay, I'll break them in eventually. Can barely walk in them? That's okay, I'll get used to them eventually. Too small? That's okay, I can deal. Too big? That's okay, a cobbler can fix that (and yes, I can a shoe repairman a cobbler - I'm old fashioned, sue me). 

The thing is I am not okay with being uncomfortable, being able to barely walk, or wearing too small or too big shoes. I don't deal with pain well and more often than not those great shoes I bought get worn once by yours truly and then thrown in the closet to rot until next season when I give them another try. And that other try never goes very well.

And I will tell you why it never goes well. Here's the big truth: I can't wear heels. Yes, I said it. I cannot wear heels. They hurt my arches, they pinch my toes, and I look funny walking in them. I'm more of a flats kind of girl (which is unfortunate because I'm pretty short and could use the height). 

Case in point, I once was in so much pain that I went barefoot in a really gross bar in the city. And then was asked to put them back on, which was way embarrassing. May I point out that I was very, very drunk and the shoes were still killing me. And to further prove that I can't walk in them, I once put a hole in WG1's toe with one of pointed heels (she still won't forgive me btw). Two very good reasons as to why I should be forbidden from wearing heels. 

I hate high heels, but I could not be more envious of those girls I see walking around in the city in four-inch heels. They glide. They look graceful. They seem glamorous. They are the very opposite of me in my ballet flats from Old Navy (last season, but don't tell anyone). More importantly, stilettos to me scream Working Girl -- someone who is a force to be reckoned with, someone you can't push around. And this is why I cannot resist high heels. I want to a be taken seriously while wearing kick-ass footwear. 

But then I put them on and remember that heels are just not my thing. I am a flats girl through and through. But it doesn't stop me from envying them - those graceful Amazons in heels stomping through New York City kicking ass and taking names. 

Which is why I want to buy these and these and these

Someday I will force my feet into a pair of gorgeous Prada pumps, walk through the halls of my office, and not feel the urge to take them off before lunch and replace them with Uggs. Someday. 

But for now I will stick with flats. 


Working Girl One said...

My toe still hurts!

Anonymous said...

Wait, you like flats. This is new. I love flats. I can't wear heals. There is nothing wrong with wearing a classy pair of flats!

Delightfully Sassy said...

I too have trouble with heals. I can get away with wedges but usually stick to flats. :-(

Lauren said...

I love flats--love them! They're the new classy, I'd like to think. Sure, heels are great, they look good and professional, but flats are just...comfortable. And i'll sacrifice painful heels for comfort any day.

the glitter kid said...

I'm definitely a flats girl too. I agree though about wanting to be a heels girl. I once wore a pair of heels that were too small to a very fancy party and for the next week, I was convinced that I had shattered one of my toes from the pressure. Sigh. When will I learn? ;)

Allison M. said...

I, like you, am obsessed with shoes. The higher the heel, the more likely I am to purchase them. And, in my mind, I can break in any pair of stilettos -- just give me a little bit.

I'm wondering how all this cramming of toes will work on later in life???

Nachi said...

I love wearing heels to work too, but sometimes I kick myself for doing so. I will come home with blisters or aching toes. =(

La_Mar said...
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La_Mar said...

I completely understand, except when I was younger I used to live in high heels. Now I live in Colorado and you cannot wear heels without risking a careening death at some point. It is so sad.

BrightCrayon said...

I am the exact same way.

Being short (5'3") it almost makes sense I would WANT to wear heels. I would love to have the bit of height I lack made up in some adorable shoes..

however. I like my feet and they don't deserve that kind of punishment. (I currently have to wear steel-toed boots at work anyway..)

I enjoy my flip-flops, sneakers and classy sandals/boots for dressy.

girlengineer said...

Imagine if your roomie happens to be a heel wearing Working Girl, and fabulous at it. Not only that, but she's a total fashionista who loves to constantly remind you of how much cuter your favorite pencil-skirt-and-bubble-sleeve-blouse outfit woud look with the right pair of heels. It's almost enough to make a girl want to ignore the pain and stick to the gain. Almost.