Friday, May 9, 2008

Yea, Kiss Her. Kiss Her Good.

Andy: Hit about twelve hundred balls last night in preparation for the day so hands are a little tender. [shows blistered hands to camera] It's actually not funny at all it's incredibly painful.

Was anyone else actually yawning throughout The Office last night?

I mean, there were a few highlights for me. One being when Andy face-planted his golf cart into a sand trap on the golf course and the second when Andy showed off his battle scars from practicing his golf swing the night before to impress the client he, Jim, and Kevin were playing a round of golf with in this episode. Apparently, I'm loving on Andy today.

Otherwise, I was cringing. The plot lines had potential, but didn't deliver.

Michael, Oscar, Darryl, and Pam head over to Valley View High School (Pam's alma mater) to recruit interns for the summer. Of course, their booth is lame. No one wants to sign up to work there and Michael scares away the single interested person in the internship by calling him "funny-looking". Because Michael isn't in the office, everyone skips out for the day. They just left? What!? When Michael isn't in the office they usually have an Olympics or some other type of event. But no.

No, instead we watch Angela and Dwight not talk to each other the whole episode. Dwight and Angela were alone in an office together and nothing happened! Wtf! I was hoping for some heavy petting in the break room. Not stone cold silence.

I think this episode was more about setting up story lines for the finale next week. For one, Jim is actually trying to sell paper these days because Ryan put him on probation, but mainly because he needs money to ask Pam to marry him! Yay! I hope that is in the season finale. Please, make this a happy season ending writers. I need it after the writer's strike has been ruining the show lately.

Pam is starting to look for a new job. All I have to say to this is: finally. But even though I want to see Pam succeed, I would seriously hate for her not to be the Dunder Mifflin receptionist anymore. I'm torn here.

All in all, this was a very disappointing episode for me and I need the finale next week to blow my socks off or I will be depressed until next season from lack of laughing.


Maxie said...

Even though it didn't compare to last season, I actually enjoyed last nights episode. Jim was cute again... and I guess it just showed promise.

Can't wait for things to pick back up again!

Pam said...

The episode was okay... obviously, I loved the Pam and Jim parts. It was so cute when Jim told Pam he liked her on the phone. And when Andy crashed the golf cart I couldn't stop laughing.

The show and the characters seem really different since the strike. Stanley is not even funny anymore, he's just a jerk. Ryan is a total tool. Kelly is barely even on the show anymore. And why hasn't Andy been singing lately? It's almost as if the story lines are completely different to how they were supposed to be this season and how they started off.

Anyway, I can't wait until next week's finale. If Jim doesn't propose, I'll be so mad! Maybe they'll move to Philadelphia together so Jim can finally be Philly Jim and Pam can go to art school. Hmm...

And I think Jan is going to be announce that she's pregnant. Just a guess.

Tipp said...

I am with you. But, I loved that they were so happy at the end, the wrecking of the golf cart was fantastic, and the fact that Jim turned it around for Pam and made the sale.

Angela and D was so disapointing. Them disguising her tummy is going to get OLD!

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

The last episode was okay, I think. =)
I totally love The Office. Jim + Pam = forever <3
Oh, I can't wait until the finale.

brandy said...

I completely agree with this. (and with everything that Pam said in comments). For me, I find the show is funniest when the entire group of them is in the office (which is why I think I've found the "Did I stutter" episode the funniest out of the ones aired since the end of the strike). I have a secret love for Andy too- when he didn't go to New York I was bummed- he totally would have added some much needed comedic timing to those scenes.

Also, I'm finding a lot of the characters annoying, or the storylines not interesting. I hate to be a debby downer but Ryan having a drug problem is just not as funny as Michael burning his foot in his George Foreman grill. It just isn't.

db said...

Dang, I am really jealous of all you people getting to catch the new episodes! I miss my house with the TiVo! I'm living without a TV for now, and even if I do get one, I'm sure Korean cable will be showing The Office! I'm trying just to skim your reviews of the show so I don't totally ruin the season for myself!

I miss Jim. I miss Michael (although I never thought I would say that.) My boyfriend and I actually fell in love with the office last year while living in England. We bought the DVDs and had 6-hour Office marathons! Ah, the things you do when you're in love and addicted to TV! Ha.

Gertrude said...

I must confess I live through Jim and Pam. I desperately want him to propose during the season finale, but seeing how long it took them to get together I'm afraid it won't happen.

Damn Jim, he's such a tease.

Stephanie said...

I thought this episode was pretty good. I just think they've been a little off since the strike. As long as there is JAM love in the finale, I'll be happy. :)