Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back to School

Yesterday at work, we had a fire drill. A legitimate fire drill. Alarms. Walking to the nearest exit. Stop, drop and roll. Okay, so we didn't stop, drop and roll. Our Fire Safety Director instructed us on what to do in case of a real fire. As I've mentioned before, I am responsible to helping the disabled in the event of a fire. The entire drill reminded me of high school. Then I realized that most of my work life is comparable to the life of a high school girl. 

High School Girl: takes the bus to school.
Working Girl One: takes the bus to work.

High School Girl: sits at a desk in each of her classes.
Working Girl One: sits at a desk all day.

High School Girl: gets called into the principles office.
Working Girl One: gets called into her boss's office. 

High School Girl: has an allowance.
Working Girl One: has a paycheck. 

High School Girl: writes notes to her friends about the cute boys in her classes.
Working Girl One: writes e-mails to her co-workers about her Top Five.

High School Girl: eats lunch in a cafeteria with her groups of friends.
Working Girl One: eats lunch in the Cafe with her co-workers.

High School Girl's Cafeteria: has tables with the popular kids, the geeky kids, the jocks, etc. 
Working Girl One's Cafeteria: has tables with the clackers, the IT guys, the CEO's, etc. 

High School Girl: reads a magazine and hides it behind her textbooks.
Working Girl One: reads PerezHilton and hides the screen behind her e-mail.

High School Girl: has extracurricular activities - sports, clubs, and jobs. 
Working Girl One: has extracurricular activities - happy hours (on a good night) and tv on the couch (on a lazy night). 

High School Girl: goes to the nurses office when she is sick.
Working Girl One: goes to the Wellness Center when she is sick. 

High School Girl: watches Gossip Girl, Greek, The Hills and One Tree Hill.
Working Girl One: watched Gossip Girl, Greek, The Hills and One Tree Hill.


Hazel said...

I seriously still love One Tree Hill! I started watching it as a freshman in college and can't get enough!

Stephanie said...

Too funny. :)

Lauren said...

Ha! It is all too similar. That's great! I loved the nod to the segregated tables in high school and the workplace. I sit with the writers. God forbid I hang out with the IT crowd. Ewwww. Heh.

The Modern Gal said...

Wow, I never thought that hard about the similarities, but you're right. And I'm just as unmotivated now as I was then!

reformattingmybrain said...

The Tattooed Mama said definitely check out Working Girl. :-) Great list of similarities!

phoebe said...

that was hilarious.

Nachi said...

haha I love this post! It's so true!!

p.s. I love those shows! (except I don't watch One Tree Hill)

Susan said...

This fits my working girl self too if you add "Ugly Betty" to watching tv.

Me! said...

Too funny ... and soo true!