Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I've always had celebrity crushes. The first was Taylor Hanson. I thought I was going to marry him. Then there was Nick Carter. I also thought I was going to marry him. I grew out of my celebrity boy craziness in high school. But the crushes have returned. Not on Taylor and Nick, although they will both hold a special place in my heart.

In between meetings and dealing with clients my coworkers and I e-mail one another about office gossip, exciting happenings in our lives and most importantly our Top Five. 

The Top Five is an easy concept that one of my coworkers recently brought to our attention. Choose your top five celebrity crushes, any way you want: by personality, looks, their music, their movies, etc. I have been known to choose my top five based on the most recent TV shows and movies I've watched. My list also includes guys that most people have to imdb

Let's get to my list:

1. Jim Sturgess - After seeing Across the Universe last weekend, he has skyrocketed to the top of my list. My teenybopper self fell for him after seeing just one face he made in the movie. Please see the face he makes at 2:00 in this video. It might just be me, but I love it. Not to mention he can sing and has a british accent. 

2. Scott M. Foster - He plays Cappie on ABC Family's Greek. I know you watch it, don't be embarrassed. For a long time I thought WG2 and I were the only 23-year-olds watching. I have since learned that two of my coworkers also watch the dramedy geared towards High Schoolers. Those poor kids are going to have such a distorted view of college. I mean, the Zeta Beta's would totally have had kegs in the backyard after Lizzy left and how come no one ever acts drunk? Right, it's on ABC Family at 8pm. 

3. Christian Bale - Newsies, anyone? Is it weird that I'm more attracted to the Christian Bale in Newsies than I am to the Christian Bale in Batman?

4. Danny Pino - I love a good crime show but they scare me to death. But after watching a marathon of dvr-ed episodes of Cold Case, I can sleep easy knowing that a detective like Danny's character Scotty Valens will save me. Although, Cold Case is about old homicide cases, so Scotty Valens saving me probably wouldn't be a good thing.

5. Matthew Fox - Matthew isn't a regular on my list but Lost is finally back and I just saw a preview for his new movie Speed Racer

That is my Top Five. Oh, I almost forgot my silver fox. My silver fox is Christopher Meloni from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. So Working Girls, you have a top five and a silver fox, get working on that list!

Note: my coworker who started this has made a rule that George Clooney cannot be a silver fox. He must hold a spot on the top five. Her reasoning: "he would be everyone's silver fox" and "there is just so much hotness that he needs a spot." But, she also had Top Chef's Tom Colicchio on her list for a while. So, take her rule however you'd like. 


Diane said...

Hey, I really like your style. Your blog came up when I got my regular "Jim Sturgess" Google alert. I always check the blog alerts, even if there's no real Jim-news in them...I just like to see what the masses are saying about Jim.

Well, that face you mentioned in the video, that's the exact moment I fell for Jim. *splat* on my ass, in love with him.

So now I waste my time at work looking at YouTube videos and talking on a Jim Sturgess forum. Get back to work, you say? Not while Jim is out there waiting to fall in love with me.

Oh yeah, and my forum name is Fantasygirl...Jim's of course. LOL

Maxie said...

yummy = christopher meloni!

good choice :-)

Anonymous said...

love the post!

too cute!

Lisette said...

wow, this must be the worste top 5 i have ever heard of... ever. where are all the bohunks?? next time i see you, imma give you a good whack.

Kristen said...

This being the coworker that indicted the George Clooney rule...

I will go on record as saying that the Tom Colicchio crush was a brief stint, who doesn't love a man that can cook?!

Current list:
1. John Krasinski
2. Patrick Dempsey
3. Jake Gyllenhaal
4. Scott Foley
5. Brody Jenner
SF: George Strait

Working Girl Two said...

lisette, i would love to hear your personal top 5.

mine are as follows (and are not in any particular order):
1. james mcavoy
2. jonathan rhys meyers
3. gerard butler
4. danny pino
5. scott speedman

can i count jeremy piven as my silver fox? i mean, he is 43. if not, i pick mel gibson. please don't judge.

Alicia said...

Definitely love the list idea!

I had a dream the other night that I was kidnapped and Elliott came and rescued me. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep watching SVU.

Um... Yum! said...

The first time I saw the trailer for Across the Universe and thought, 'Who is this young Ewan McGregor-type and how do I get to making out with him??' yeah, I've been all about Jim Sturgess. Excellent choice indeed. :o)

Meghan said...

Great list. An accent can make almost anyone drool worthy.

I love Dexter. Not the actor that plays him, the character. That may be a bit off.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Meghan. Michael C Hall. Yum. Jim Sturgess, cute! Jason Schwartzman hello!
Is three enough? Anyone of then would do, really.
Your Blog is fun and started a great time wasting office discussion between me and my gal pals. Boss was shaking his fist!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

That's awesome!! Nice variety and brave to admit you once were going to marry Taylor Hanson...Ok, OK!! I'll admit, I too had a huge crush when I was 13/14...dear Lord!! hahahahahaha!!!!

Awesome blog! Thanks for popping by on mine...I'm enjoying reading...going to add you to my Blogroll...if you don't mind!

Pam said...

WG1, I watched the video from Across the Universe and though I've never even seen the movie, I think I fell a little bit in love with Jim Sturgess, too. I know exactly what face you were talking about...I got all giddy.

My top five include: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Justin Timberlake, John Krasinski, and maybe Jude Law (if he's like he is in The Holiday). I agree with WG2 on the Silver Fox...definitely Jeremy Piven. So hot.

lizziebelle said...

you need to read www.laineygossip.com

she has a freebie five as she calls it and she is a regular smuthound.

i have a top five, but it changes every day

Tiffany said...

Please add me to the Taylor Hanson bandwagon!

Cute blog! :)

Jenn said...

I'm a huge fan of Jim Sturgess and Matthew Fox. I'd take Jack over Sawyer any day! Scott Foster...oh man! I thought I was the only Cappie lover here! Yay I'm not alone!

bunny said...

I was completely OBSESSED with Taylor Hanson too. Funny that he has like four kids now with his wife...! How/When did THAT happen?!

addy said...

I love Danny Pino and Matthew Fox! I think I love Matthew Fox because when he is all scruffy and in scrubs, he reminds me of my boyfriend. So adorable!

Working Girl One said...

Whoa ladies, calm yourselves!

I'm so happy some of you share the love I have with some of the guys on my list. And that some of you also loved Taylor Hanson at one point. No one had a Nick Carter thing? C'mon...you all couldn't have been 'N Sync fans?!?!

Lisette - please. please elighten us with your list.

Kristen - you will always be remembered for having Tom on your list.

Alicia - some of the best dreams I have ever had have included Christopher Maloni saving my life, among other things. ;-)

k. mead said...

oh my god. I know this post is old, but I just found your blog. I LOVE that look on Jim Sturgess, and also have never lost my crush on Christian Bale from his Newsies days. Are you also a fan of James McAvoy?

courtney said...

juusttt watched the video and my heart sank at 2:00.
i hope a man will look at me that way someday... sigh.

Anastasia said...

Have you seen Wet Hot American summer? cause Christopher Meloni is awesome and not sexy at all in it.