Friday, April 4, 2008

I Lost (But Not Enough)

It truly pains me to announce that I have officially lost the title of 'Biggest Loser' of my company. I think what really pains me about this fact is not that I rightfully lost more weight than my competitors (because I don't think I lost as much as Nikki who lost all her baby weight to stay in the game), but because I could truly taste my victory. I could smell the citrus lotions that would be used for my spa treatments at Rancho La Puerta. I had picked out what hikes I would participate in, what fitness classes I would take, and even what meals I would partake in with my fellow spa-goers. 

Even a week later, I sometimes find myself thinking 'don't eat that piece of cake or you won't be eating your spa cuisine in Mexico in a month'. My dream of a week-long spa vacation has been ruined by the Finance Alliance.

The Finance Alliance was formed back during week one of the competition and has been dominating the votes the entire game. I thought I had flown underneath the radar long enough to stay in the 'Biggest Loser' competition until the final four but I was wrong.

While I was vacationing in sunny, 80-degree weather Las Vegas for my faux Spring Break 2008 I slept in until noon almost everyday (it was a vacation after all). The time change was really a killer for me and when I called the office to put in my ballots for vote-off's it was already almost the end of the work day for my co-workers.

It was then that I found that even if I had called in on time to vote that it wouldn't have mattered – every single competitor left had voted me off! To say I was shocked and appalled would be putting it lightly. It did help, however, that we had just ordered room service that morning and I had already had a mimosa and was preparing to sit at the pool all day instead of sitting at my dreary cubicle being taunted by the remaining 'Biggest Losers'.

While I am truly upset I didn't get to vacation to Mexico for a week of spa treatments and utter relaxation, I am proud of that I lost fifteen pounds during this game and that the competition has brought me closer to people in the office I wouldn't have known otherwise (like my Board Member teammate and the new girl that worked in our office upstairs that I had never met).

I'm a loser – just not the biggest. 


Anonymous said...

Way to go. Keep up the good work! You are a winner to us. (way corny, I know)

Anonymous said...

Way to go! It's fun to be a loser! And you were a loser sipping mimosas and sitting by the pool...sounds like a winning combo to me!

Andrea said...

If you had won, I bet you would have gotten sick of being called a "big loser". Not cool. Trussssst me.