Monday, April 28, 2008

Working Girl Wardrobe: Rainy Day

Weather Forecast for New York City:

Monday: Rain and thunderstorms
Tuesday: Partly cloudy with a chance of rain
Wednesday: Mostly sunny
Thursday: Few showers
Friday: Few showers

Since a higher being (or the effects of global warming) has decided to make the next few weeks of my life very difficult by soaking New York City with a minor flood, I thought it would be appropriate to write about what a Working Girl should wear in the case of a sudden downpour or just a smattering or even a light sprinkle of rain during her commute to and from the office using my new favorite website Polyvore.

If you couldn't tell from my little rant above, I'm not a huge fan of rain especially because I now live in the city. This ultimately means that on my way to the office the humidity will make my hair frizz, my pants will be soaked, and therefore I will be cranky all day long.

To avoid becoming cranky, a Working Girl needs to make sure she has three items in her wardrobe - staples that every Working Girl should splurge on to make sure she is safe from even the smallest drizzle.

A nice trench coat
The coat featured above is a Burberry Islington nylon trench that is unfortunately sold out (due to popular demand) -- not to mention very much out of my price range. But a good quality, classic trench coat is a must-have for any Working Girl. Not only does it keep the rain away, it is a timeless wardrobe piece that has never gone out of style. The look is not only very Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" circa 1961 but also very Blair Waldorf in "Gossip Girl" circa 2008 (yes, I watch teen drama - don't judge). I snagged my classic khaki trench from Banana Republic on sale last spring so look for some good deals as spring turns into summer.

A snazzy pair of rain boots
Rain repellent galoshes are essential in keeping puddles in the streets where they belong and therefore off your pants and out of your shoes. There is nothing I hate more than having wet shoes/socks/feet all day at work. I know, not a pleasant visual. The rain boots featured above are both colorful and playful and will make a great addition to a classic trench. The ultimate, timeless pair of rain boots to have are Hunter boots from the UK. A way to make them more memorable? Try them in this lime green hue. If you're on a budget, try Target for more reasonably priced version of the classic Scottish wellies.

An umbrella (ella, ella, eh)
The most important of all accessories when preparing to battle the rain is having a truly invincible umbrella. An umbrella that deal with crazy throw-you-to-the-ground wind and can beat off sleet and even snow if need be. My vote for best umbrella goes to the "bubble umbrella" featured above. Not only will it not turn inside out if faced with extreme wind conditions, but it will also help keep your hair frizz-free since it creates a "bubble" over your shiny locks. Another definite plus to this umbrella is its price tag - $16.99 at Target.

My rainy day wardrobe almost makes me want the rain to stay a few more days. Almost.


Pam said...

Yuck, it's rainy here, too. But you know what they say... April showers bring May flowers. Too bad April ends long before the rain will.

Great post! I need to find one of those bubble umbrellas...

The Alleged Ringleader said...

Ugh! I HATE RAIN! My hair turns ino a frizzy 'fro and my day is ruined! Thankfully I live in LA and it barely rains. If it does, my biggest complaint is with drivers here that slow down completely and try to dodge raindrops! You would think it's like "real weather" or hazardous conditions lol.

Anonymous said...

Rain. I hate it. But what's worse than rain is wind. Rain and wind. That's what I hate.


Haha Alleged is so right. I love when my clients show up 3 HOURS LATE and blame it on the "downpour" when it's barely even drizzling! Silly Californians!

..I must admit though, I do sometimes miss rainy days in NY! Especially thunderstorms with lots of thunder and lightning!

I'm a dork. haha

Maxie said...

Ugh I hate the rain. And this weekend is a big festival that I still want to go to, but I'm not going if its disgusting outside.

Love the boots though!

Jackie said...

Love the outfit! Not sure I could pull off the boots without feeling silly, but I will probably still try. Looove the trench coat...I have a similar one from The Gap. So classic :)

Ad Girl said...

You live in the city, now? It's rainy here, too! I've just decided to pretend like its not raining and wear whatever cute sandals I desire, but I do always have my umbrella (ella ella...)

well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

Oh what i would have done for a pair of rainboots yesterday. Ugg boots + terenchal downpour = a soggy mess. Ughhhh.

Vanessa said...

I love those boots! I have wanted some since I lived in NYC, but could not afford them then. Now that I can afford them, I have no use for them and consequently don't have them.