Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cause I Had a Bad Day

Today I feel like complaining. Today was a bad day. It wasn't the worst day I've had at work. I didn't cry in the bathroom, but I wanted to. 

This morning it took me a half an hour to get dressed. It usually takes me a while; I stand in front of my armoire and stare at my clothes. I put on one outfit and then take it off. I put on another outfit and then take it off. And another. And another. I usually end up with a combination of outfit number one and outfit number three. For one reason or another it took much longer today and that frustrated me. 

I didn't get a window seat on the bus.

I forgot to have coffee this morning which caused me to have a headache. 

I had it in my head that when I got to work this morning I would be able to send promotional listings to clients for approval right away. Long story short: I stayed in the office until 7 p.m. sending e-mails to clients because I didn't have the listings earlier than 5:30 p.m.

Today my guy boss (I have two new bosses: a girl boss and a guy boss) had to approve the layout of a mircosite that I was responsible for. Of course I didn't look over the copy beforehand because I was just showing him the layout. But he looked at everything and there were mistakes in the copy. It didn't help that he has once before told me to look over everything I show him (it was okay then because it was the first time I messed up) and it didn't help that I had no idea I was responsible for this project until Tuesday. He said to me "Working Girl One, you have to look over this. I can't be the one editing it." He didn't talk down to me and he wasn't mean but there was something about how he said that made me feel like shit leaving his office. Every day since I started this position, it seems that I have done one thing wrong and this boss has noticed.  One day, I just want to do everything right. 

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today in New York. It was one of those days that made everyone want to eat lunch in the park. I went to the cafeteria and brought my lunch to my desk. I didn't have time to leave the office. And the sandwich guy forgot to put red onion on my tuna sandwich. 

I had to work late. I know, I already mentioned that but it sucked enough to be mentioned twice.

After work I thought I'd enjoy the weather by walking to Port Authority rather than walking. I stubbed my toe. Twice. 

Today was one of those days. The only word to describe it is draining. Working Girl Two and I just watched The Office (look out for her recap tomorrow) which made me feel better about my work life. In twenty minutes Lost is on and a great episode would make my bad day not seem so bad. At least let me see Jack or Sawyer without his shirt. 


Douchegirl said...

Oh God! I know what you mean. My guy boss (I have a lady boss and a guy boss, too) notices EVER SINGLE mistake I ever make and always chews my ass about it. It makes me feel so stupid sometimes.
Just hang in there.

P.S: Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Working Girl One, you'll do everything right one day and it will be extra nice!
...cause you had a bad day.

Maxie said...

Oh geesh. I think everyone has to have days like that. I think mine are ALL shitty- haha

and I totally will have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the night.

Brooke said...

I love this post! I'm always, always, always forgetting spell check and getting ripped apart for it!

Sabita said...

Even I do agree.Unless you have bad days you will not be bale to appreciate the good days.Its all part of life Ms. Working girl.

Shattered heart said...

Oh dont worry Working girl.Somedays really turn out to be bad.But you know what Shelly write "IF winter comes can Spring be far behind". So dont lose heart! And one day you will impress your boss for sure! All the best!