Monday, April 21, 2008

All Play, No Work

Last night's episode of The Hills had nothing to do with work, with the exception of the first 3 minutes. At first, I wasn't going to post about the episode but I like to think you all come back here every week for my witty comments about Lauren, Heidi, Audrina and Whitney. So here we go:

I love it when episodes of The Hills begin at People's Revolution. It means Kelly Cutrone is lurking around somewhere, wearing black and looking greasy. No work talk though. Only that Whitney is glad she has someone to talk to now that Lauren is working with her. I thought Whitney would be better at making friends. Maybe Jessica made the staff turn on her.

I love it when Lo makes a guest appearance. She always seems to make statements that create awkwardness. For example, "maybe she'll bring Heidi."

Heidi is too obsessed with this girls night thing. Just let it happen Heidi.

Yes, Justin Booby!

Am I the only one who has enjoyed Dove Fresh Takes?

Justin Bobby and Audrina go on a date, as friends.

"I haven't showered in weeks." - Justin Bobby
Did he get cuter? Not that he was ever really cute, but he's not looking to shabby. And, are he and Audrina having a real conversation? I think I like the new Justin Bobby.

"No, he didn't burp at all." - Audrina

Heidi and Spencer drain me beyond words. I think I say that every week. Imagine if you're job was to edit The Hills, Spencer and Heidi would be the bane of your existence.

"I mean, if you guys want me to move in with you." - Audrina
I don't think they want to live her.

And the episode in dunzo. Not the best episode ever. I'm looking forward to Stephen Colletti's return to Lauren's life.


Anonymous said...

I love Lo but i did feel kind of bad for Audrina when you could tell they didn't really want her to live with them.

Lo's snarkiness "hey boys wanna play?" is awesome.

And Lauren needs to get over herself. now.

The Alleged Ringleader said...

I love Lo and love the shit that comes out of her mouth! Personally, I am so stoked for the return of SteeeeeeeeeepheNNNNN!
Can't wait.

Kerry said...

Justin Bobby is a cutie!
and Lo is by far the best character on this show, she's hilarious

not.a.diva said...

I'm really enjoying the extended season - I love seeing Whitney at work and oddly - I like Kelly Cutrone. I love the no BS type of boss. I feel bad for the awkward situation Audrina is clearly in with (1) them clearly not wanting her to move with them and (2) their dislike of JB...who I think is a totally hottie...i have a strange attraction to guys who look slightly, umm...dirty.

style-ish said...

Can I just say that I liked your synopsis better than the episode itself? :)