Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Hills Doubleheader

Episode Une: "I think Whitney doesn't want to work for Teen Vogue anymore." 

Looks like this is going to be a nice little Working Girl episode. Lisa Love makes her first appearance on the extended season three of The Hills when Whitney quits her job at Teen Vogue. Congrats on the new job Whit! Oh, what's that? You haven't even interviewed for this job yet?

During her time at Teen Vogue Whitney learned that working behind the scenes at at a magazine wasn't her dream job. Her internship taught her that she is more interested in styling and she took Kimball's earth shattering advice from last week's episode and pursued what she wanted to do. That's the great thing about internships, if you don't learn what you love to do, you learn what you hate to do. That's pretty helpful. 

Meanwhile Heidi is back at work. "Here's the files," she says to her coworker. Now that was staged. I truly believe that Heidi's job at Bolthouse Productions is completely fabricated. As for the rest of The Hills, completely true. 

"I don't really see how I could pass up an opportunity like this."

Whitney interviews for a job at People's Revolution, owned by Kelly Cutrone. 

Kelly Cutrone scares me already. Didn't she say she was going to kill someone in the phone conversation that Whitney overheard? I would not want to work for her. And she looks like she's homeless. She's supposed to be a stylist? When I'm rich and famous, remind me not to ask her to dress me. Remind me to ask Whitney. 

"You're basically making a deal with the devil." - Kelly Cutrone 

Now, I'm really scared. But I'm impressed by Whitney for asking "why do you say that?" I would have awkwardly giggled, smiled and nodded. 

On Whitney's last day, she and Lauren reminisce about their early days of interning, specifically the Young Hollywood party and almost getting fired for letting in Heidi and her posse. I wish we had this blog during that episode. I remember WG2 and I sitting in our NYU dorm (where we lived for a summer while interning at magazines) and our jaws dropping as Lauren earned the crown of "Worst Intern Ever." 

Now, one thought on the non-work related happenings of the episode. Heidi's conversation with SheSpencer at lunch. I believe it went something like this: "I remember when Spencer ordered muscles and I said 'why, because you have no muscles?' And he said 'Shut Up.'" 
Uh, What?
Episode Deux: Toto, I don't think we're in The Hills anymore. 

Whitney's in the Big Apple for Fashion week. She walks into People's Revolution office in New York. Everyone is wearing black and ignoring her. "They are so New York!" - WG2

It's a rule to wear black? Okay, I work in New York and it's typical to see many Working Girls wearing black from head to toe, but a rule is a bit much. Also, that rule book (!), reason #5 Kelly Cutrone scares me. 

"I'm willing to do whatever it takes." -Whitney

She really did sign a deal with the devil. 

The Australians look scary too. What is happening to The Hills? It's supposed to be sunny and happy. 

Looks like Audrina is still employed. Is it weird that I'm surprised?

Whitney is rocking this new job and impressing the Aussies. 

"How was work?" - Lauren
"I'm tired" - Audrina
WG2 and I have this conversation everyday. 

Whitney seems to be dominating Fashion Week, but my stomach is in knots right now. I'm so nervous for her. Phew, she totally rocked it and Kelly is smiling and complimenting her. Whitney, say "thank you," didn't you see America's Next Top Model? The girl who didn't say "thank you" is no longer in the running to become America's Next top Model. Maybe Kelly isn't that into manners because it sounds like Whitney is already getting a promotion. She's my new Working Girl Idol. 

Alright, I may be going overboard but Whitney will be fun to watch this season. 


Ad Girl said...

I didn't watch the double-header last night, but I just consciously made the choice to read this anyway and spoil it for myself. Damn.

I hate Heidi.

Kerry said...

omgosh agreed.
heidi's segments always seem to be very awkwardly staged!
& i love whitney, she is amazing

Anonymous said...

I personally cannot wait to Spencer to start dating another girl and for Heidi to find out. Yes, that will be a very good episode!

Anonymous said...

i loved those episodes!

and i love whitney, she is so good at everything! this is going to be such a good season :)