Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hey Babe

"The Office" is back on NBC and I've never been happier that the writer's strike is over. I've even had a personal countdown going on my calendar at work (slightly embarrassing to admit but I'm committed to this TV show 100%). 

The episode is almost completely shot outside of the office at a dinner party in Michael's condo. Michael has been trying to get Pam & Jim to come over to his and Jan's condo since they started dating but they have always dodged the bullet. While I don't think Jim & Pam could ever run out of excuses (a flood, a fire, a avalanche), Michael finally tricks them into attending a dinner party with Andy & Angela. Jim + Pam + Andy + Angela + Michael + Jan = my new favorite "The Office" episode. I can hardly sit still as the Scranton sign welcomes me. 

Pam & Jim enter Michael's abode and I can't stop thinking about how awkward it would be if I had to go to my boss's apartment for dinner. He'd probably make me ride his motorcycle and call him "Boss Hoss". And you think I'm kidding. 

A tour of Michael's condo reveals that Jan has an office and a make candles. Jan is now a candle-maker. 

Andy & Angela arrive and Jan announces that the dinner needs to braise for three hours before they can eat dinner. This means that three hours of awkwardness will now ensue. Jan plays her old assistant's new CD and tries to get Jim to dance with her (awkward), the party plays charades while Jan & Michael play "Who Can Make Their Guests Feel More Awkward?" (super awkward), and during a "girl moment" in the kitchen Jan tells Pam she knows all about her and Michael's past relationship (super, super awkward). 

As a small side note, Pam & Jim's relationship will forever be my favorite in television history (Meredith & McDreamy, Joey & Pacey, Ryan & Marissa all pale in comparison). During the dinner party, Jim tries to leave by making up a lie which ends up only being able to save him - meaning he'd have to leave Pam behind. Is it just me or would only Jim be able to get away with this? I'm still in love with him. Sigh.

Dwight shows up (YES!) with his former baby-sitter as a date (DOUBLE YES!) and his own Tupperware filled with beet salad and chicken legs. 

It's official. This dinner party episode has made my Thursday night. I just watched Michael being driven away by Dwight in his souped up car to avoid Jan's abusive ways after the cops broke up their loud dinner party.

7 days. I've already started my countdown for next week's episode. I'll see you there babe. 


Pam said...

"The wine has an oak-y afterbirth"

Don't worry WG2, I had a countdown to last night's episode, too. Though Jan and Michael are completely bizarre, the episode didn't disappoint. Pam and Jim are just so darn cute together!

Yeah, I wish my office was like The Office. We do have some interesting characters, but definitely no one as cute as Jim or as entertaining as Dwight.

Anonymous said...

Just want to say, is anybody else excited for the return of Ugly Betty? She is also a Working Girl with exceptional style!

Dana said...

I am a HUGE Office fan too!! And I love Jim & Pam.. They are too cute!!!

I really love your Blog, very cute!! Glad I found it!

Anonymous said...

I am SO SO SO excited for another episode this week :-) I missed The Office so much.

Ad Girl said...

The Office is my life. That was the most amazingly awkward episode I've ever seen. Was anyone else cringing in their seat because you were actually embarrassed for them?

Working Girl Two said...

WG1 and I don't watch 'Ugly Betty' but I think that might be something we add to our weekly agenda to report on -- she does work in magazines like us!

Also, yes AdGirl, I was dyingggg during that entire episode. I was cringing because I could see this happening to me. My Thursday post is going to be all about how my work place is a lot like The Office. Stay tuned.

Essentially Me said...

Now THIS is a show worth watching!

OddBat said...

Ahhh, the office... I remember when it was on the BBC here in England.. different names but characters the same. Have you had the "David Brent" dance yet? (David Brent was the name of the cringemaking boss). Truly hilarious... yet profoundly uncomfortable!

But you can call me Miss... said...

Ah. I'm in love with Jim, too. My best friend decked out my desk with all the Office stationary that exists, and some days the only thing that gets me through is my quote of the day.

I also love the dinner party episode where Michael and Dwight go to the fancy dinner party hours early with a Tupperware container filled with warm potato salad.

Too funny.

Anastasia said...

Love, love the office. And Jim and Pam are the best couple period.