Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Together Again

We begin this Hills episode at Epic Records and Heidi points out that Audrina's place of work has a real cafeteria. As opposed to what, Heidi, a fake one? Nevermind, I forgot this was LA for a second. As Audrina and Heidi dine in the real cafeteria, I notice no one else is dining. I immediately picture angry Epic employees waiting to eat lunch while The Hills is shot. I, for one, have to eat and have my diet coke at approximately 12:30 pm and would be pissed.

From one workplace to another. What's this line at People's Revolution? Models? Lauren walks right in. "Is Kelly here?" Lauren looks terrified as she tries to spot Kelly before Kelly spots her. I know Lauren, she's like freakin' Cruella DeVil. Seems like Kelly forgot all the Teen Vogue drama.

Is it just me or does Kelly Cutrone sounds like she's drunk all the time?

"Omigod, you guys are so slow" - Kelly Cutrone
Kelly sits the girls down and teaches them a lesson. No, not a "I'm going tell you who is boss" kind of a lesson, more of a "I want to be your mentor lesson." Jessica get bumped from her desk and when she asks for Lauren's help is told by Kelly to do it herself. Lauren - 1 Jessica - 0.

More Britney as the scene cuts to the girls night out at S Bar (reason #25 why I love The Hills).

Girls night out is bor-ing. Back to work.

"If you impress Kelly maybe she'll hire you" - Whitney
I'm loving the foreshadowing going on here.

More Girls night: "They're taking shots?!?!" - Heidi. Calm down Heidi it's not like they're doing the nasty on the bar.

The three-minute scene at the fashion show has taught me that no matter how fabulous and glamourous working in fashion looks, I could never do it. It's too stressful. I crossing my fingers that Whitney and Lauren don't f*ck up. Not only does the fashion show go on without a hitch (I can finally breathe) Lauren is offered a job at People's Revolution. She's gone from slow-mo to fashion glow (whatever that means) according to Kelly and that means a job offer. "We want to make some changes in our LA office," she says. Lauren - 2 Jessica - 0.

This is going to be like Teen Vogue all over again and I can't wait.


Ad Girl said...

Man - the People's Revolution owner is freaking crazy! What a biatch. I did enjoy the incredibly childish and obviously staged confrontation between Heidi and Spencer. I just get more sad for the two of them every time I watch this show. They are so desperate for publicity and attention it is sad.

Maxie said...

I know that some people might enjoy the fake "lauren and whitney fuck up" drama, but I can't STAND IT!!! Like when they went to get their dresses first in paris... and how lauren messed up her dress...

but I still <3 the show.

tiff said...

great recap, love this show. don't know why, but I do. Basically for Whitney and Lo. Those girls are all sorts of awesome.

Anonymous said...

My favorite line was from Heidi: "How can you love and hate someone so much?"

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else wonder how Heidi got her job? And what does she do? Seems like she just sits in her office all day and thinks about Spencer.

Anonymous said...

When you watch the re-runs check out the faces of the girls walking by when Heidi and Spence are having their fight, so funny. Also I would like to point out that Spencer and whoever he was with were sipping the shots, I would like to know what kind of shot you can just sip and how many people actually do that. Take one and move on to the next drink.

brookem said...

man do i love this show.

and i have no qualms admitting that.

Emma said...

Hey, these are still fake jobs, right? Like Audrey's job is made up?

LovelyBella73 said...

This is my first time here, and I'm so thrilled to see a post about The Hills. My favorite part was.. slow-mo to fashion glow. What does that mean?
I have not a clue, but it works for me.

Love that show and love the blog:)

Essentially Me said...

Watching The Hills makes me want to stab myself in the eye for some reason.

Katie cat said...

I missed that episode! but it sounds awesome, can't wait to catch up!